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Vacation Bible Study 2017

Ministering: Pastor Tunde Oyediran Travelling secretary NaFFs

The Word of God

Friday 28/04/2017

John 1:1-5, Eph 6:17



To stir up your heart to handle the word of God better.

To look at things that can help in studying the word of God.



The word of God

Why should it be the primary thing?



Who is being referred to as the word that was with God?

Jesus Christ is referred to as the word of God

God exists in three different personalities [ The father, Son and the Holy spirit]

We humans have body, spirit and soul. At the end the body will return to the dust it was formed from, what matters to God is the state of our spiritual being. We must pay close attention to the development of our spiritual being,The instrument for doing that is the word of God.


The bible is the most misunderstood book, most people twist or read it out of context.

2 peter 3:14-16

Many of such people are found online, social media preachers looking for opportunities to live the life they want to live.


Reason why we need to understand the bible

  1. Deut 32:44-47 – The word is our life. We should do away with anyone who says we should put it aside. It is through the word we will prolong our day.


  1. John 1:1-4 – Everything that will come to reality in a person’s life will do so with the instrumentality of the word of God. Hebrews 11:3 the world was made by the word of God through faith. If things will happen it has to be through the word of God. As believers, we should be careful as words don’t die, they are spirits, they carry life [Col 3:16]


  1. It gives instruction for righteous living [2 Tim 3:16-17] Anything that contradicts the fact that Jesus died, was buried and rose again is wrong.

The point where the scripture doesn’t correct us again is critical stage

Psalm 1:1-4

It is the central key to living a prosperous life


  1. Romans 10:17 – The word of God gives strength and makes faith grow, It is not just confessing positive things when things are not palatable but taking steps to change it.


  1. Psalm 119:9-16 – The Word keeps us away from sin and corruption of this generation, the judgement of what is right to us is based on our believe system. When we have studied enough of the word, the Holy spirit reminds us of all things. But when we have nothing, there is no foundation for the Holy spirit to build on. The Holy spirit activates the word of God inside of us, no one can do anything right if you are not given into the word of God


  1. Prov 4:20-21 – Determines your level of immunity against physical and spiritual diseases: We should be able to quote the word. The challenges the church is facing now is not coming from outside but from within the church (those twisting the word). You require understanding to discern the truth. Those without the word will be swinged away. If we know the bible, we won’t be tossed about by false doctrine.


If we are the same way we were when we just gave our life to Christ without growing then we should check ourselves.


  1. Rom 12:1-2 – The word contains the ultimate will for mankind, it is the only medium to seek to know God’s perfect will for our lives. We should have certified common sense to stand by what is right. We should be addicted to the bible. God wants us to succeed but there are principles for it. We can’t say we want to do the will of God and use principles that are against or not in the word of God. If you carry potential and you fanning it with flame, you don’t need credentials [1Tim4:11-15.] We should seek for mantle not title.


Proper understanding will help to stand as a voice in the wilderness proclaiming the word of God.


How to Study the Bible

[2 tim2:15] After studying, we will need to teach the word to others.


  1. Accept the divine inspiration of the bible -Your attitude to it will change when God gives you the understanding that it is not an ordinary book.
  2. You must be determined [Ezra 7:10]
  3. You must consider it out of the context

If you are not under the control of the spirit, you will be under the flesh. You may need to read entire chapter to fully understand the passage/verse

[Mark 7:18-19]

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