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Is there still a space to be filled? An increase only takes place in the atmosphere of lack and emptiness. A push only comes when there is a perceived weakness and call for help.

This month thus far, we have dwelt richly on the Supernatural Increase God expects us to operate on per time. The supernatural transcends the spectacular and natural. It is beyond human comprehension and calculation. It is the lifestyle of true believers.

This experience can only come alive when we own up to being weak, empty and helpless. The moment we are assured of a space for the Lord to fill within us. Our walk with the Father can only come alive when we learn to unlearn, learn and relearn daily.

There is sure still room for you to take in the father’s dealings. Apostle Paul realized this principle and applied this to the utmost. Hear him: “I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before.”  Phil 3:13

In the realization of our weakness, we find strength. In the thirst and hunger for more of God we get HIM wholly and instantaneously. How will I ever experience increase when I am always of the opinion that I have arrived? We daily cry for increase yet we fall into the category of those who feel they have attained. Those who feel that they have heard, read and chewed enough of God’s word.

In John 21: 11, the magnitude of God is exhibited. The catch made by Peter, Nathanael, Thomas and sons of Zebedee as assisted by Jesus was a great one. After their toil all night, at the appearing of Jesus confessed their failure. They confessed their weakness. They gave up on their wisdom, skills, strategies and strength.

The bible recorded that the fishes caught were great and yet the net was not broken. I’m thinking that the net still had capacity to carry more fishes than it did to the shore. There was still room. No matter how filled we are, there is still more room to be filled.

No matter how well you have preached in the past and lives were saved, there is still more room for you to grow and increase.

Don Moen’s song does it. He put it thus:

There is a longing

Only you can fill

A raging tempest

Only you can still

My soul is thirsty Lord

To know you as I’m known

Drink from the river

That flows before your throne

It is my sincere prayer that we all attain and reach out to those things which are before.



It’s happening today! FYB Thanksgiving Service…

As a member of this category of students, I completely grasp what it takes to reach this far in such a citadel of learning.

After four, five or six years, one gets to graduate to higher heights.

Even as these set of people thank God for sparing their lives, seeing them through and being their help thus far, I pray they will not miss out of God’s purpose and plan for their lives.

The sounds of Rejoicing shall not cease.


The Achievers it’s your day, do shakara…


Your Brother,

Kelechi AMAKOH


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