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Revelation of Jesus
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Revelation of Jesus

28 Aug Revelation of Jesus

DATE: 28/08/2016


PREACHER: Pastor Oluwaseun Oyejola (NaFFS President)

John 1 : 10 – 12

Romans 8:29-30

Becoming like Jesus starts with one thing and that is the Revelation of Jesus.

**If Jesus appears in church today many people will not know him, because of the way a lot of people have portrayed him.

** A lot of people are far away from Jesus.

** Don’t be like somebody you don’t know.

Matthew 16:13-14

A brief question for ourselves
What do people say Jesus is ?
Who is Jesus to you?

John 1:12-14, Matthew 16:13-19

What comes when you receive the revelation of Christ
Responsibility Matthew 16:19
Access [Power to become son of God] John 1:12

People want to see results, people want to see Christ in You [The manifestation of Christ in you].

Until we can correctly answer who Jesus is to you, you have not started becoming like Jesus

Jesus reveal yourself to me

2 Corinthians 3:18.

When you have revelation you will know what to wear, you will know how to live for Christ.

***Beholding the image of Christ in every angles of our lives

***Your revelation must be progressive

***Revelation is directly proportional to Transformation

Ephesians 3:18
There are length,depth and height in Christ

Your personal revelation will grant you access to the kingdom of heaven and your continuous beholding of the revelation will launch you into waves of glory

Note: Get audio of today’s sermon from the media stand.

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