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04 Apr MEET THE EXCOS – PASTOR Oluku Sunday

Good evening sir, can we meet you?

My name is Oluku Sunday

Sir, you have been the prayer coordinator, this is your second time, and did you at any point think that you could handle any other post apart from prayer unit?

Yes, I remember  the first day I was interviewed when I was about to join the workforce, they asked me which unit I wanted to join, I gladly wanted to join the ushering unit but due to how they were lead by the spirit of God, am here. I can actually function in any unit, prayer, ushering, and publicity as long as I know that in every unit there is a place for me to grow.

Ok, is there any one you really fancy? That you like a lot?

I don’t really fancy anyone because I believe in all the unit we have. I can really function there by the grace of God even though it might look new to me at some point but I know that if I have been placed in that unit, I would be blessed and also be a blessing to other people.

When the new excos were inaugurated, did you at any point feel that you should have been the president of the fellowship?

No, I didn’t feel that way. I wasn’t expecting to be the president of the fellowship. I wasn’t also expecting to still be the prayer coordinator. I was expecting to be just an ordinary member because I felt like there were people of God. I even dropped the name for the next prayer coord. I felt I would be relieved of being the prayer  coord but I sensed maybe I had some things to accomplish and God wanted me to continue in that unit. So I didn’t have any zeal or passion of being the president.

Sir, is there any other post you hold outside the fellowship? Like any Christian post?

Yes, I was holding a particular post before, outside the fellowship. I was formerly the district  teens president before  I joined university of lagos and also before I joined the fellowship. Actually https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ it has been God, I just handed over last year to a new president. Am also holding a post also, not like a post really but it is just like a convener of a class fellowship. We always have every Wednesdays to seek the face of the Lord and grow more intimately with God.

Sir, we know you are in a relationship. How long has it been and how did you get to know her?

Actually the relationship has been a long one, by God’s grace it’s close to 4 years and going to 5 precisely. It has been God. It was before I gained admission into school. I know people will want to ask why so early? How did it happen because the intention I had was to just be a celibate like apostle Paul was. I never thought I would venture into a relationship but it happened. It’s a long story, I wish I could explain how it all went down, I just bless God, he has been keeping us. I remember when I was interviewed at NaFFS to be one of the executives, Pastor Tunde Oyediran was the one interviewing me and he asked about my relationship status and I told him for 2 years I have been dating and the year I intend to get married and he was like wow, it’s cool. It takes grace but there have been times we fought and quarreled but God brought us back, it’s not as if  we broke up but through the disagreement, there was agreement and we are growing together in the Lord.

Sir, what have you benefited from it?

A lot, she has been a source of blessing. It’s also a platform where God has taught me a lot of things. He has taught me patience, understanding, and how to socialize because I am not a social person. It’s not that I just entered into it but we have been benefiting from each other. There are a lot of things God has actually dealt with me in the relationship. I actually saw my weakness, it was reflected in the relationship, the Lord had to deal with me through the relationship.

Are you sure she is going to be your future wife sir?

By God’s grace, am sure. Entering into the relationship was not as if I led myself into it or as if I envisioned her to be my girlfriend. I didn’t plan it, it was not her I had affection for, it was actually her friend. I was wondering because I had a promise with God that I want to be an apostle, serve the gospel alone, do things for the kingdom of God and nothing else. I had to take it to God in prayer because I was wondering where the love came from because I discovered something else was taken the love of God from me which was my affection for somebody else. I found that I just wanted to visit her friend and I will always go with her to visit her friend and most of the time we do bible study in the house of her friend. There was this inordinate feeling for her friend that came but when I took it to God in prayer, I laid all the burden to God and God gave me direction.

It was not her I had in mind. I told God, I don’t want to go into relationship, I don’t understand where this feelings are coming from and all of a sudden, I took a practical faith step. I realised that this is who should be my partner and after that, it has been God all through. Every year we do evaluation, I know evaluation does not really count or depict the fact that she is going to be my future wife but every year by year we pray to God. We talk to God concerning our relationship. Several times before she said yes, we prayed several times to get confirmation from God. We had to involve her mum, and she told me to pray again. There was a time I was like, God, hope am not praying out of my feelings based on the fact that I had feelings for her but I had I to pray based on a neutral ground and I got the confirmation that she is the one.

Sir, what’s your most demanding trial in life, like what you have faced?

The most demanding trial I have faced was the time I lost my Dad in my first year on campus. I had a lot of plans when I got to school in my first year. His death at that point brought a lot of challenges. I remember vividly that it was only that first yeat, first semester that I bought textbook, throughout my four years now, I hardly buy textbook because the money is no longer available. Since then my income was divided into three since it was only mum. It was a serious trial but God has been faithful in the midst of the trial.

Who are your mentors, those you look up to?

Wow, I have a lot one of the mentors I respect a lot. Daddy E.A Adeboye, Brother Gbele Akanni. It is just of recent that I just have this love for Joshua Selman and I also respect Kenneth E Hagin. I love his books. They are like life practical books, you read it and you don’t feel dizzy, you just want to read deep and deep. I hear his messages, anointing services, these things he got were not from normal human discretion, they were from the Spirit. I have a near mentor actually, I remembered when I joined his ministry, he has an arm called arise network fellowship, it was a vision the Lord gave to him for him to travail in the things of the Lord and he has been my mentor. I think I started my spiritual route from him, the person of Past. David Olarewaju. He has been a strong arm to my growth in the Christian race.

What are your hobbies sir?

I love reading, listening to spiritual music, dancing, although I don’t know how to dance very well and I love singing. People would say I don’t have a good voice but I love singing, worshipping and am a good listener.

Sir, are you into any business of any kind?

No, am not into but I have a vision of one after school.

Sir, what’s your vision for fsfunilag?

My vision for fsfunilag in the coming tenures is that the people will all grow in the same pace in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. That every man will come to the service and will operate on diverse dimensions of gifts. That even members will come to a place whereby they cannot just do but to be drunk with the spirit, that there will be a prophecy for each service and when it comes to the administrative part, the vision I have is that fsf will be able to stand financially without depending on anyone. Fsf should be a fellowship that when it comes to sound, planning of programs, impacting of lives through organized programs, they should be leading in the campus. I envision great administrative officers in the tenures to come that will build the administrative level of fsfunilag in a strong manner, making it resistant to any force trying to make it fall

Thank you very much sir and we really appreciate, wishing you happy birthday.

Alright God bless you.

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