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The Vice president FSF UNILAG Pastor OLUKUNLE OLUWATOBI FAITH in an exclusive interview with Fsfunilag publicity team…enjoy!




My name is Faith Olukunle I also bear Oluwatobi but I prefer people calling me faith, but most people call me faith so am just faith and i’m always laughing I don’t know how to bone [frown]. Only at times when I just want to give a straight face, I can do it but aside that and I also like discovering new things, I like finding out something new I think that was what made me curious about finding things in the bible.

I love nature I tried to find out things about nature. I am somebody that likes playing game a lot , I play games  a lot. Someone saw me one day I was talking about ball and he was like so pastor faith so you watch ball and I was like don’t I have another life, I like playing video games I like watching ball but I am not a fan if the common room is too stuffy I will just step back. I also like listening to jokes a lot because I love laughing. I am the second born and the first son I have two younger siblings a boy and a girl and an elder sister so altogether we are four.

Which club do you support

Chelsea for life let me give you a gist about Chelsea , I didn’t have a football club I was always saying what are they saying about football. Until I saw a club that wore blue so I started liking it and my best color is blue and since their color is blue I felt it would be a nice club so to crown it all they won champions league so they winning champions league was like a confirmation that YES this is the team so I started supporting Chelsea right from then and also I like Madrid.

Sir in the past tenure you were the vice president and worker’s coordinators and in this tenure you are also the vice president and then the present pastor Isaac was under you and now he was appointed over you. How did you feel when he was appointed over you?

From the onset, I knew I wasn’t going to become the president, you know it is very easy for you to get carried away and some weeks to the handover people have started saying this is our next president like it was that bad but actually I was prepared for it so when I was told that I would be serving as the vice president and he is going to be your president I was like wow!   This is very nice at least I will not be preaching every Sunday, I did something that night, I changed his name on my contact from Brother Isaac to Pastor Isaac.  But you know we are human beings it is very expedient of you then when he was under me he was always asking for permission before going out he calls me SIR, now you have to call him SIR asides that we are flesh you can just want to think of it at times that will you now be saying SIR to him but I pray consciously and unconsciously that God give me the grace to respect Pastor Isaac, give me the grace to be subject to his authority because if you don’t pray , if you don’t ask the holy spirit to help you , if you do it by your strength it will get to a stage when he asks you to do something you might not give him a bad facial expression but deep down in you, you know you don’t want to do it.  I pray for the grace to obey, and come to think of it before I became vice president i was just a normal worker, I was the first person in FSF UNILAG who was not an exco and became a vice president. Some people were there, they have been serving two years before I became vice-president and I became the vice president, they were still giving me the respect.



                I envisioned for the fellowship with the help of the holy spirit, the word of the lord will be taught pure, without adding anything including human knowledge – no other doctrine will be taught. I found something in the  world recently and it pains me a lot , so many people have tried to explain the scriptures with human knowledge, in a situation where you see ‘thou shall love thy neighbor’ the person looks and sees ‘thou’ ‘shall’ then says ‘there cannot be THOU if there is no SHALL so Thou have to go with Shall’  then you are like hmmm….shaking your head.

 In the notion of using human knowledge to form revelation, you have scattered so many things. It should be a place where only the word of the lord is taught, without compromise, with sincerity, without addition and subtraction. It should be a place where the world of the lord having being taught, peoples heart should be turned to God to do his will and there should be a practical aspect of these things beyond the word. Everywhere the apostles taught, they practicalized what they said, basically with the help of the holy spirit that was what was dropped in my heart.



There was a particular time also when you cannot walk up to exco in the fellowship and just shake them…ahh, who are you?  Are you for real?.  There was a particular day I asked a fellowship member if he saw a match and he was like ‘ahh… pastor, you watch ball too’ and I’m like, am I not supposed to live my life? People have forgotten that even the exco’s are human beings, they shouldn’t be seen as those high above, the same thing you are doing, they also are doing, only that they have been placed over you, they have two duties now, they have their own life and they also have the lives of those they are placed under them, so the excos will still do every normal thing you do, they wake up in the morning, they read, they play they eat, they laugh.  Excos should be seen as people that are also human beings, they should walk freely with them, move freely with them but not disputing the fact that you have to respect those that have been placed ahead of you. You have to respect them, they are also human beings, they have feelings too. At times, they might be down, they might need you to tell them one encouraging word.


pastor faith

pastor faith


 I will not really say I have a mentor per say, except maybe my dad and mum because my mum is someone that will always correct you when you do this or that, my dad is my mentor…different bibles at home. Aside that fact, I will also say Rev. K, I love listening to that man a lot, he says some mysterious things I like, and that’s the type of things I like, I like mysterious things, things that are not common to human sense, things that normally you can’t just sit down and just get it, I also listen to pastor Emeka, I love the atmosphere around these people. I listen to pastor Christ Onoyinka, and I will say pastor Tope and T.S, pastor Tunde  Oyediran, I can never forget that man, people used to say I look like him. He really taught me a lot. How to go about gathering things in the bible and so many other things, it could have been easy to know many mysterious things in the bible but don’t know how to put it together, T.S actually thought me how to put things together. Those are the people I will say I really look up to.




I’m not in a relationship, or like people will say, I’m in a relationship with Jesus [Laughs],  Okay I’m not in a relationship, why? I don’t know, maybe personally for me, I don’t feel its time yet, for me oh.  If I wanted to enter a relationship I could have, there was a particular lady that was telling me off recent that she liked me that time oh [in the past] but she was waiting for me to ask her out. From what she said there is still opportunity if I still want to ask her out but that’s not necessary, is that what God wants me to do?

For me now I’m not in a relationship, I don’t know when I will come into one, I don’t know, let’s just keep following the lord, the way he does it we will enter into that path, it’s a path, it’s a road. When you get to that road and it’s time for it, he will direct you towards it and it will work out.




Like I said earlier, exco’s are also human beings, they have feelings. One major weakness I will say is laziness, you know it’s very easy to be preoccupied with activities, one major weakness is laziness in studying and in praying…  and How was I able to overcome that?, in fact we are still fighting it, it’s not something that you just overcome.  It’s a continuous process, so sometimes when I wake up in the morning, if I see that I have class by 8, I try to wake up, I’m someone that dislikes waking up early because around 5am is when the sleep becomes sweet. I try to wake up early and pray and study my bible before my class by eight, then I go for class, if there is any break in between for an hour or two, I pick up my bible to study for that short time, if its in class too, I pick up my phone and study my bible. Majorly that’s what I try to do, laziness is very bad, its stubborn, you have to have the mindset to intentionally do things against laziness. Especially during my IT period, at the first 2-3weeks, just wake up- carry bag and start running to the office, trying to do your devotion inside the office, they will be calling me, faith come and do this, come and do that. I had to pray about it and he said the problem is not spiritual, TEACH YOUR BODY WHAT IT SHOULD DO. If I’m to teach my body what it should do, it means I have to wake up early.




Now if we are going to look at the whole perception of what the church is, the church is a gathering, it’s quite different from every normal social gathering. When I was doing my jamb, jamb lesson that didn’t last up to five months, before we knew it, everybody started taking themselves two two [male and female], jamb lesson that we just started knowing each other [under two months]. Some of these guys were my close pals because I talk with everyone.  Before you know it, they were bringing gist about themselves, that’s a normal social gathering, they are free but the funny thing was that after writing the exams everything went down. Now the church is a gathering of saints and believers, fine, we are social beings and we have emotions but we should have that it’s not just any gathering, it’s a holy gathering, if it’s a holy gathering it should be treated as such. I’m not saying fellowship members should not date, because one day-one day you will marry and I cannot say you should not marry.

I’m not against dating in the fellowship but if we are not going to be asking the holy spirit for directions. Now in the same fellowship, a brother will say he saw a vision about somebody and another will see vision of the same person, now when two brothers are seeing vision of one sister then they start dragging it inside the church, please what will the church turn to? So, that’s why some times you should just focus your attention on what you are here for. You are here to gain Christ, focus your attention on Christ, when it’s time for that one he will sort it out. That one is the littlest of things because the lord knows you need a partner. When the lord saw Adam, what did he say? ‘for I knew that it’s not good for him to be lonely’

When the lord sees that its no more good for you to be lonely, he will give you someone to keep you company, it’s not you that will start searching by yourself, then in the aim of looking for who will keep you company, you spoil it with your own emotions, then there will be chaos in the church, then things will turn upside down, then they blame the leaders and say they can’t lead well.




Combining everything, one thing the holy spirit helped me with was not to get too much involved in so many things, its good oh. For some people once they notice they have little spiritual capacity, you see them in this group, that group if they continue like that some of them will cast.

 Because the main reason why you are in this school is because you are a student, that’s why you are an exco, you cannot call an alumnus to become an exco. We don’t have to leave that fact, I don’t attend my faculty fellowship, not because I’m a sinner, it’s because I was not permitted to attend. The holy spirit didn’t permit me, the holy http://www.achaten-suisse.com/ spirit knows your capability, he knows what you can do, he knows how well you can combine things together. He will not force you to do things that will hinder your growth. try as much as possible to be sensitive, not to get too involved in so much activities, I don’t like reading in the night, I know that everything I have to do is during the day. I try to balance everything, know when to stop some things and when to continue so that everything will come out well at the end because if your academic life does not come out well the same people you are leading will spite you. And I make use of the lecture free week. That’s my saving grace.



There is a great work that is going on in the body of Christ [FSFUNILAG] and its going at a very fast pace but as at when Jesus was moving at a fast pace someone was left behind, it was Judas, it was not Jesus fault that he was left behind it was his fault. He made room for the devil to enter his heart but the devil could have also entered the heart of anybody but Judas made a way for that. I will just advice FSFUNILAG and I will encourage them not to be carried away, they should be centered and focused on Christ and he will help them grow. I will encourage them to build a very close relationship with the holy spirit. So that they will not be disturbed. Let’s keep work going so that generation to come will enjoy what their fathers have enjoyed.




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