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The Transport secretary, Pastor Damilare Adewusi in an exclusive interview with fsfunilag publicity team.  ENJOY!


Good evening sir. Please can we meet you?

Ok, I am Adewusi Damilare, Student of Department of Social-works, 400level. Second in the family of four; Blessed with so many sisters and brothers. That’s all.

 So, can you tell us about your hobbies; Things not relating to spiritual things.

Basically, I don’t think I have any specific hobby but I think the best is relaxing myself by playing football.

So, what football club do you support?

I don’t support any, just a lover of football

Why don’t you support any football?

I think I used to support one before I gained admission but after sometime I lost interest. I couldn’t go through the stress of falling off.

You are the transport secretary of the fellowship and this is your second time. Did you know you were going to be reappointed last year when they did the handover service?

At first, to some extent when you don’t finish correctly, you would surely know that there is still much work to be done so I would say to some extent that I was aware that I was going to continue from last year.

You talked about when you have not finished your duty. What do you mean by that?

One of the key things of leadership is having someone reliable that you can handover to, someone that will continue what you have started so when I look at the situation of things around me that time, the majority of the people under my tutelage were novice so it wouldn’t be good to actually drop it on them. Asides that, there was a vision that was set when I became an exco which wasn’t achieved during the first tenure. Although I dropped a name for the person that I wanted to handover to.

Now that this is the second time you are the transport secretary. Has there ever been anytime you felt this was going to be very easy since you have done it before?

There has not been anytime like that because things evolve overtime especially as you deal with a group of people. So you don’t expect the same reaction everytime. I would say the greater part of this first semester has been my most challenging one so far ever since I have been the transport secretary as a result of people changing overtime.


Can you tell me more about transport unit; what do you do?

Basically, what we do is to ensure that we bring members to service as at when due, most especially our Sunday services and almost if we have retreat or meeting outside school. It is our duty to ensure that there is a means of transportation.

Is transport unit a ministry to you or do you have another ministry you are passionate about?

I am a unit head and also a worker, I also belong to prayer unit, choir unit and outside FSF, there are other duties. It is a learning process. Left to me I wouldn’t have been in transport unit as I wanted to be in choir unit but I have never had cause to regret to be in this unit.

You mention that you have activities outside FSF then I remembered you are the president of your department fellowship


Oh, so how do you combine your work in the fellowship, your academics and even the work as the faculty fellowship president?

One thing I have learnt from the excoship titles is the ability to manage all things. Most times it is not easy but there are days I allow my day to go without specific plans, I just allow it to go. And there are days I plan what to do. Today I planned what to do but a lecturer from nowhere popped up and destroyed my activities for today. So what I do is make sure in the midst of all this situations I get myself busy and make sure my presence is felt in everything I do

So are you in a relationship?

At present, am not. Of course, we are trusting God.

So why are you not in a relationship?

Before now I think I used to be but things happened and we need to strategize and plan things properly. So, everyone has to sustain their own while we plan.

How is your relationship with the other excos

Aaaaah., Well for me, it has been awesome. I am serving with the second exco right now and it has been great. Of course, we all can’t be perfect but the ability to take each other’s corrections help. We just have to lean on each other. I don’t think there is has been anytime that I would say because I am a president somewhere I am now one big boy, there has never been such thing. When we are together we see ourselves as family, that’s the most important thing, just drop the titles.

So, what is your final word for FSF member?

Hmm, what I got most from buy-trusted-tablets.com FSF members was the fact that I was able to find love. When I first attended, I wasn’t staying on campus and it was during a drama night. After the service, people would come and meet you and when you come back, it was like I didn’t forget your face. Every member is just as important as the others. So, try as much as possible to keep that going.


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