FSF UNILAG | MEET THE EXCO’S – Oluwadare Opeyemi Victoria
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MEET THE EXCO’S – Oluwadare Opeyemi Victoria

07 Jun MEET THE EXCO’S – Oluwadare Opeyemi Victoria

FSF Publicity unit in an exclusive interview with The General Secretary – Foursquare students fellowship OLUWADARE OPEYEMI VICTORIA… enjoy!


Can we meet you?

I am Oluwadare Opeyemi Victoria. I am a 400 level student of Accounting. I am the first child out of two children. I love reading, I love taking my time to do things; I don’t like rushing into things. Like people say I am time conscious, I am not that perfect but I like taking my time to do things, I don’t like rushing because it kind of affects me and I love learning new things and anything that catches my attention. Anything that I see that I am gifted in, I try as much as possible to develop myself in it.

Why are you learning Korean?

As regards this, it should be ‘why am I learning languages?’ because Korean is just one of the languages am learning. I would say that only God knows because He revealed this ability to me last year December and Korean language was the one I started off with. Although it is not the only one, it is majorly the one I am into. The reason why I am learning languages, honestly I don’t know. The Bible says ‘the wind bloweth but nobody knows its direction’, that’s how the Spirit of God is. When I was in my year 1, I used to attend all these career building programs, leadership programs and all and people come-singers, musicians and top people that have made it in their field-and they talk about passion. I used to wonder what they meant when they said ‘they had passion for this, that was what made them go into this’, I really didn’t come to the understanding of what they meant by passion bt I got grace. I came to later understand what they meant by passion when God made me to realize this ability of learning languages. I saw that I really loved it. It is something I would do even without them paying me money. It is just something I do tirelessly. If not for school activities, I would love to do it majorly, but we thank God for how it is now.

When did you realize your love for languages? And why didn’t you study it as a course?

Like I said earlier, I realized this love last year December.

I realized this last year December, I am schooling, I am in accounting, I’m in my finals by God’s grace and I don’t think personally from what I have seen in the education system here in Nigeria, I don’t think I would love to study the language in a Nigerian institution. I don’t really like the educational system here, it’s not fun, and it’s not engaging so I don’t see myself studying it as a course in Nigeria. I would rather I develop myself personally. Like I said I don’t know the reason why I am learning it but let me develop myself personally and other things will fall in line by God’s grace.

You arc in your finals, how has the journey been so far?

Wow, it’s been awesome, it’s been tasking, it’s been challenging,, wonderful. It’s been filled with a lot of experience, both good and bad but in all, I thank God for how He has helped me thus far and I thank God for His grace, I am still alive till now. I thank God because it’s been Him thus far, honestly, without Him I don’t think I will be able to stand strong till now. Without Him I don’t think I will be laughing, without Him I don’t think I will be joyful, without Him I don’t think I will  be able to do things, but honestly, it’s been His grace, it’s been by His grace. I thank God.

Do you enjoy Christianity?

I am a Christian, that’s who I am, so it is like you asking me, ‘do I enjoy myself?’, ‘do I enjoy my being?’ I so much enjoy myself, I am a Christian, that’s who I am, it is not a religious stuff for me, and Christianity is not a religion to me. It is my lifestyle, so I enjoy my lifestyle. I enjoy the way I live by His grace, I enjoy the way I live by His Spirit, I so much enjoy it. I so much love the fact that I depend solely on Him in everything that pertains to me. I depend solely on my creator, I love everything about it, and I love the Word.

How has ‘excoship’ been so far?

It’s been a learning school for me, it’s been an avenue for me to grow and honestly, looking back At myself, Opeyemi year 1 would be a shy person, although I am still shy sometimes, but she would be a person who wouldn’t talk to anybody. I remember vividly well that immediately after service, the next 10 minutes, you won’t see Opeyemi in church again but thanks to excoship I have become open to meeting people, I wouldn’t go off to my hostel immediately after service because I have to wait for meetings and all. By God’s grace I have been open to people, I have seen that I can even communicate with people well, I never knew that I could be a little bit playful, it’s been a learning stage also, to learn God’s word, I have been open to more of God’s word, I have been open to learning, to dealings. There are times that God would give me instructions as to what to do, prayers. Honestly, it’s been a growing stage for me. I have learnt a great deal and I am still learning a great deal. It’s been awesome even through the hard drills, times I’ve spent so far, the hard times and all, I think It’s worth it. Honestly it does pay to serve Jesus. I am thankful that I am an exco in fellowship not that an exco in the department that probably I wouldn’t get so much life from it. But it is adding more life to me. I have been able to associate with great minds. I thank God for this platform, opportunity and privilege.

What is the toughest decision you have ever made as a person?

One of the toughest decisions I have ever made as a person is to follow my parent’s instructions even when I see something good with what I am putting forward to them, probably embarking on a project and they are saying no, the fact that I have to be humble to obey them, I have seen that as one of the toughest decision that I can pin point now- the fact that I have to by God’s grace, obey them and do what they asked me to do and  not do what I am interested in.

Who are your mentors?

I don’t really have close persons that I relate with as my mentors but I relate with them via books. By reading their books, I see them as a mentor. I have some personal people, not really known, I have friends. The books I read- Ben Carson, Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenetth Copland and some others. I also listen to messages- Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, and Rev. Kay from EGFM. They build into me through their messages, through their books, I learn from them through that. I also have some mentors as it relates to my field. I have Taiwo Oyedele, one key person from my field.

Opeyemi Oluwadara

Opeyemi Oluwadara

Are you in a relationship?


Why ain’t you in one?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If I am to walk by thinking or by sight, as Christians we are not to walk by sight, we are to walk by faith. I do not know His plans for me but if I am to walk according to my own plan, in the next 5 years, I would be working by God’s grace, probably in an accounting firm or audit firm, probably be chartered by God’s grace. By God’s grace, I should be married by then, I see myself spreading the gospel also. But all that I want to see myself in the next 5 years; all should be channeled to spreading the Gospel. So that people see me in the next 5 years and give glory to God. That’s what I want my life to be; such that my life tells about Christ, the way I do things.

What are your top 5 strengths?

I love reading, I don’t like the fact that a day goes without me reading something. I love being time conscious; I don’t just like wasting time. I like managing things. I think by God’s grace I can relate well with people, if I am not shy, if I am free at a particular place I will communicate well, though it might be brief but a detailed discussion. I like learning new things like getting to know about things I am interested in, I like research.

Do you have a weakness?

I just realized one recently when I was evaluating myself. I realized that, if I see someone and I really want to follow up on the person, sometimes I don’t follow through to the end. Sometimes if the other person is not giving me a good feedback, I tend to feel discouraged and don’t follow through to the end. That’s one thing I am praying for God to help me with. I just realized that people that I have met with that we’ve discussed, I haven’t been able to follow through with them so that they change, I’ve just done it half way and honestly I am not happy with that. That’s just one weakness that I have found although I have other weaknesses.

You are an inspiration to many, what will you tell anyone that will like to step into your shoes in the nearest future?

Firstly, I like the fact that by God’s grace this little girl has been an inspiration to people, if I have been actually. I thank God for that but I wouldn’t say you should step into my shoes. We are all unique in our different ways. The ability I have might be different from the ability he/she has and so I will say that find your purpose, find the ability God has given to you and be diligent as to growing that ability, as to developing that talent and skill that God  has given unto you. Make sure that it is done in the right way, the Spirit leads you and make sure that it is done in the right attitude, not just doing it to please men. At the end of it all make sure that all you do pleases God irrespective of whether it pleases a man or not, irrespective of the fact that people might dislike you. As far as it pleases our father, as far as it pleases God please do it, that’s what I will tell people have passed through difficult things, one thing I want to say is, trust God to the end, He never fails. In His Word He says the thought I have towards you is of good not of evil to give you an expected end. Walk by faith and not just depend on self. When we begin to walk by sight, we tend to fall, that’s what brings doubt. When we walk by what is surrounding us, it makes us doubt and lose faith. But just trust Him and continually learn God’s Word, that’s the source of life that helps us grow.

Are you involved in any business activity?

As of now, no. It might change probably next week, but as of now, no. I was once involved in a business venture but for now no.

What is your vision for the fellowship?

My vision for the fellowship is that every of it’s members would come into the full knowledge of Christ and not just the knowledge but would come into the realization of these words such that His Words becomes a reality in them and so that we will have Christian students who are just not Christians by religious tags but they are Christians such that they become an ambassador for Christ anywhere they are. My vision for the fellowship as a whole is that we all grow in the knowledge of Christ and that Christ sees us as His beloved, and bride.

What are your final words?

Finally, I will persist that we particularly give ourselves to the study of God’s word, prayer, growing and continually yield to instructions. And as students also, we should continually be diligent in our studies. As students, we shouldn’t be negligent about that; we shouldn’t be nonchalant about our studies. Please let’s give time to our studies, it is required of us to be diligent. The Bible says whatsoever your hand findeth o do, do it well. So this is what our father has placed in our hands so let’s do it with all our heart irrespective of whatever the outcome is, let’s just make sure that we are being diligent in our readings and in all situations please trust God irrespective of whatever the circumstance is, irrespective of whatever the situation is. Trust God and always remember that He loves us so much, even if everybody does not love us, He loves you. Take care and God bless your soul. And finally, MOVAN loves you all.

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