FSF UNILAG | ‘MEET THE EXCO’ – Pst Oladunjoye Mary Mojisol
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‘MEET THE EXCO’ – Pst Oladunjoye Mary Mojisol

14 Feb ‘MEET THE EXCO’ – Pst Oladunjoye Mary Mojisol

The Welfare Secretary FSF UNILAG an exclusive interview with Fsfunilag publicity team…enjoy!



My name is Oladunjoye Mary Mojisola but I prefer being called jisola, 500 level law student, I think that is all.

What was growing up like, your background and family?

Well, growing up was quite challenging for me, especially for the kind of site seeing, kind of environment I grew up in and my family. But I actually bless God for grace, He has actually single handedly picked me up and you know taught me and still teaching me.so, it has been God sincerely, it has actually been God. There were times that you will read and read and read and read and at the end of the day your result comes out and it is not something you really like, so, I just bless God.

What are the life changing things that you’ll never forget that about UNILAG, lessons you’ve learnt and the whole experience?

Many wonderful things, I’ll say, especially from this very big family – FSF UNILAG. I can actually say I became genuinely born again in University of Lagos FSF UNILAG and I actually bless God for the unit that, I was put into.

I actually wanted to be in choir unit but I was kept in the prayer unit. I bless God again for my unit head, Pastor Kunmi. For the follow up and everything, I got my baptism of the holy spirit the very same year I became a worker in prayer unit and you know God has been pruning me. He has been moulding me, also been helping me.

Though I can’t really say my work with God has been very smooth but you know there are times that we wander away from the fold of God but yet there is still grace to bring us back and also with the help of the Holy Spirit. Teaching us in every way.

We all know how being amongst the executives of a fellowship is, how stressful and difficult balancing the whole thing, school work and everything. How have you coped with it?

It’s all been with the help of God honestly. It isn’t so easy really. It’s my second time doing this and it’s definitely been just God helping me out. It was all struggle at first, sharing time for meetings, classes and school work. There is actually more to welfare than just the food, drinks and packages. We are also ministers and so we just don’t prepare this things and give them out. We pray hard over these things, that by the virtue of it going into the systems of people it brings healing to their body. We pray they get to experience Christ through that very act, it might seem very little but then it goes way beyond our thinking. There are other things behind welfarism, it’s not just cake and punch after services.


Do you have people you look up to, mentors who helps you and keeps you on track admist tough times?

Yes, I have people that help me. There are times that you have excesses and you don’t really see it but this people see it and calls you to order. They actually pray along with me, I have Pastor Bright, Pastor Naomi, Sis Vicky, there are also more wonderful people like that in my life at the moment.


 What are your exectations for the future at the moment??

Right now, there are actually some pointers God has been showing me concerning my career. For me, my own personal goal is to practice as a public lawyer for like ten years and then eventually become a magistrate, like a Judge.

I don’t really want to practice for very long. But there are some things that God has actually being showing me, that is aligning with my purpose . I love proferism a lot, I love organizing events, and decorations.  Funny enough, I didn’t go out to learn, it was just something I developed over time and God has been helping me to improve gradually.

It’s  all natural for me, I flow easily any time any day. The goal right now is to practice as a public lawyer, that is seeing things career wise, I’ve said that earlier. If I’m not doing that, I will rather be doing event planning and decoration.


 Okay, do you have any advice for people that are just coming up , people that are trying to, people that are striving to be in this, because obviously there will be people looking up to you for so many reasons, what are your advice for them?

My advice for them, okay. Actually let me just use myself as an example. First, I was born in a Christian home, I was just a church goer. I did things because I saw people doing them. Whenever there’s an altar call I’ll go out,  not because there was a conviction.

Then I knew God from afar, I was not close to him. My devotion life was just there, I was just like any other random girl, secular musics then were all in my head. I actually don’t see anything bad in all the things I did at that time. In fact, I grew up as a very aggressive person, I insulted  people a lot. I just had this very  bad character from the beginning.

But has time went on, things changed especially when I came to FSF UNILAG. Immediate guilt would surface after doing wrong. When I was in year one, I quarrelled with a squatter in my room. I can remember crying bitterly that day because I really  insulted her. I actually felt very bad and I talked to my unit head that day and he said it was the holy spirit breaking upon me. It’s not as if you just become spiritual immediately, you go through very difficult times that would test your faith. New converts who grows in like no time and are up and doing. Check them very well, they might not have deep roots. It takes your being rooted in Christ and it takes a daily step, you sinking down into Christ.

When Christ comes in, some changes will start happening to you, people might not see it immediately but there will be some obvious changes in your actions, utterances and even dressing. There is something that the lord is doing inside of you; there is an illumination of the Holy Spirit inside every dark corners of your life.

Some people actually seeing you outside might not really know but yet there is something going on within you, you are being renewed day by day. Your inward man is been renewed day by day. Those things that are not glorifying God begin to die gradually, so it is not a one day process.

Some people see some ministers and want to be like that person but the truth is this people did not just grow up one day to be like that. In fact some minister you see that are very grounded they have weaknesses and if you are very close to them, you will find out that they struggle with a lot of weaknesses. So I will just advice that they should continue.

Walking with God takes a continuous process. It’s a daily process and sincerity with God also matters. There are times that I just had to tell God that ‘Lord I know I have a running mouth , I know I insult , I know I am aggressive but I need you to help me’. We should always remember that He is merciful. In our weaknesses there is grace available. There is more to God than coming to church and singing family song. There is more to God than what the pastor preaches on the altar.


 About the aggressive issue, some people see you as a very strict, harsh person. What can you say about it to correct these notions?


Okay(laughs) , Like  I said before from my childhood days, I won’t actually say I’m perfect, I’m not perfect in any way.I actually grew up that way, aggressive and everything, but thank God. I’m a very nice person.

Some people found it very hard to believe that I laugh and smile a lot. But when it comes to some aspect of God’s work, you have to be disciplined and  strict . If you are to lackadaisical about some things, the people you are actually leading will also work with that attitude.  There were some things I met here, I mean the Welfare unit. Some unit members did very inappropriate things, like when we’re preparing what to give people, they’ll be throwing stuffs that are meant to be used into their mouths. That is lack of discipline, it is not even hygienic. It was an issue we just had to deal with, now you can’t see such again. Naturally I’m the kind of person that when talking, it will look as if I’m shouting but that is just who I am and sincerely I have been praying to God to help. I cant just be an hypocrite, that is why I try my possible best to keep telling God to please take it away. One of the prayer points I pray everyday is that the lord should cleans every filthiness of the spirit and anything that does not glorify him in my life. Though people still actually see me as a very aggressive person. I’m actually very nice, those that are close to me can actually atest to that, I am not a monster, I am not a vampire that you can’t approach. The thing only thing you should pray for me. I am not perfect, your prayers are actually needed. People saying I’m like this and that, just pray for me so that i can be a better person.

 We’re kinda delving into your personal life here, are you in arelationship?

Oh my God, for now i’m not in a relationship.

Would you like to tell us why?

This kind of question ehn, okay. I’m actually trying to be more patient about it. I don’t want to rush. You know this our emotions can be very funny at times. You know when you love someone, when you are in love with the person. There are times that you don’t even want to know the will of God, all you just hear is the voice of your emotion not the voice of the Spirit. There are times that even when you are praying to God you start revolving your prayer around that person. At this time, you don’t want to care what any other person is saying, at the end of the day, it actually crashes because its actually not built on God. So for now, I’m actually taking my time. There have actually been people asking me out (Laughs). But, presently I’m not in a relationship.



You’ll be leaving us this year, and you’ll be missed greatly. Any last words you want to share?

All I want to say is that we serve a God that knows us better than we know ourselves, so getting closer to him will actually fast-track your growth with him. There is more to God than what anyone can tell you. For those that are still in school and those that will eventually be become executives. Trust me you’re going to be working with  different people with different backgrounds, characters and temperament.

You should be able to work with them inspite of their differences, no one is more important than the other, that is why we are in this very big body of Christ. We should not see ourselves as okay just like those that said in the old days, I belong to appolos, I belong to paul, no, we should see ourselves as one body. We don’t have to start getting jealous of somebody anointing or being convertous of ones position. We actually journeying into perfection.

Respect those that are in authority. Don’t see them as I am older than this one or person. See them as God placing them in that position, if you see them doing any bad thing, work up to them and talk to them. If you can’t talk to them, pray for them. Every excecutive for the fellowship, every member need your prayers.

Lets love one another with the love of Christ. For freshers they should face their studies. We are actually in a race and we need God to end it. Many are those that start this race but could not end it. Many started on a good note and ended on a bad note. One thing I am glad about is that I came to university of Lagos and I met God . I met God, I fellowshiped  with brethren who actually taught me. You know what fellowship means? It’s  my weaknesses plus the help of a brethren.

There shouldn’t be any form of jealousy and strife among us. It is not only about our certificates now, God has beautiful plans for each and every one of us. He wish above all thing that our souls prospereth, he wants us to have Good success. Face your studies, attend fellowship activities, build yourselves up and I trust God that He will grant you grace to finish well.

Thank you very much.

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