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I set my eyes on a big tree once and I couldn’t help but notice this very branch that was full of green leaves. It was its season, so the green leaves were not the only attractive things, the fruits were my major reason for noticing it. My first words were ‘this tree is fruitful’ before I noticed some other empty branches, which were looking very strong and rugged, but lacked the major reason the tree was still standing, THE FRUITS.


Reading through John 15, we get to verse 8 that says ‘Herein is my father glorified, that you bear much fruit; so, shall ye be my disciples’, thus seeing how much our Heavenly Father cherishes the things that come out of us. Even Jesus made mention of it, that it is not what goes inside of us that defiles, but what we show forth (Matt.15:11), and what you show forth is a product of what is inside of you (Matt. 15:18). That which is inside the branch is however connected to the tree itself, and not standing on its own, therefore, verse 4, is true when it says ‘…a branch cannot bear fruits of itself’.


Facing it squarely as Christians, Jesus mentioned that He is the true vine (that is the main thing), He was placed as the Tree of Life, and we are attached to this tree to show forth life which glows on us, making us illuminators of that which the Tree has inside of it (John 1:4). This is why we can testify that we are light, because we have been attached to life, and have become lively (1 Pet. 2:5), shining wherever we go, showing forth the life that is inside of us which makes others yearn to be grafted to this tree that we are attached to, and this happens every time because the tree is always in its season.

The truth is, there is enough space, for everyone, in Christ and so the grafting of one new branch does not warrant the cutting off of another branch, however, some branches still get cut off. These branches are cut off because they are not bearing fruit, and they are not bearing fruit because they have a severed connection, along the line, with the source of that which they are to show forth. They may seem to still be connected on the outside, still have a resemblance of the tree, but cannot show what the tree has inside of it.

This all-important connection, that must not be severed, is the bond we have which is His spirit: For as many that are led by the spirit, these are the sons of God. They are the ones who can manifest the life in truth, because there is always a passing from Christ to man, via the Holy Spirit (John 16:14-15), which is worked inside of us, and shown forth. The prophets and men of old kept having a taste of it at various points, and every deed that comes from the tasting of the spirit brought glory to God. Now we have been privileged to have it dwell within us, giving us a constant taste of it, meaning helping us to constantly please God.

Going back to the branches with a severed connection, they are cut off because they are not being a testimony of the vine, instead, they are bringing shame to the vine, just has those strong and rugged branches in the tree (at the beginning of this note). In all of the splendor and beauty of the tree, fruits and green leaves, some barren branches were still spotted. But the gardener of this tree, loves the tree so much, that He takes out anything that would bring a ‘but’ to its fruitfulness. He is perfect.

Friends, the rich fluid (word), that flows from the source (Jesus) to us, through the connective tissues (His Spirit), is what helps us grow and show forth the fruits expected of us.

Stay blessed.




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