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In HisSteps- Hanu__Show


10 Feb In HisSteps- Hanu__Show

The road is long God, I can’t see what the end looks like, the journey seems so far,when I think am cialis prix almost there, I realize I haven’t started at all and the farther I am from your purpose for my life.

I run hoping I will get there easily but the longer the road seems, my body aches, my legs hurt, my patience is running low, the load is too heavy for me to carry, my knowledge fails me, my strength is gone, I can’t do this on my own anymore the more I try I fall.

I am fagged out God, the picture is really blurry, I can’t see where I am heading to.

So I give up trying to help you solve my problems, I surrender my life to you, hold my hands and let’s take this step together, you know my end from my beginning, you have walked this road before, carry my weight, you are my burden bearer, you have prepared the way for me, don’t let go of my hands hold me and let’s take this step together.



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