FSF UNILAG | Get up take your bed and walk. A story of John 5
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Get up take your bed and walk. A story of John 5

26 Jun Get up take your bed and walk. A story of John 5

Just like the man beside the pool that was there for 38 years. Some of us have stayed on our problems for so long. Our own 38 years of paralysis is that pain we carry because we were sexually abused or it could be the pain you felt when a loved one died

Some, it’s the thought that their future is going to be bad. It could be that low self-esteem, that sickness that has stayed too long, that failure that pushes you down and all of that. And you’ve been there for 38 years no one to put you inside the pool you can’t even move yourself, very sad right??

Well, Jesus walked into the multitude and saw this man and he asked him ‘Do you want to be healed? ‘ what sort of a question was that at point in his life. Then it occurred to me not everyone wants to be healed, some people just want to be pitied. But Jesus is in the transformation business and he’s asking you and me the same question “do you want to be healed?”

“Oh daughter do you want to get out of that mystery?” “my Son do you want to get out of that pain?” He is asking us because he wants to heal. Just as the man’s response was, we blame other people for our inabilities “I have no one to carry me into the water ”  “I have no one to help me”  “My friends did this to me ”

Jesus said “get up, pick up your bed and walk” just like that He didn’t even say you are healed, he just said get up… wow!.  Jesus is saying to you and me to  ‘get up pick’  ‘your bed’  ‘and walk‘, you’ve stayed too long it’s time you are healed. Take that faith and get up you’ll walk. Get tired of your situation and ‘get up, pick your’ ‘bed and walk’ ?

It’s time to get up dear. Then you’ll realize it’s when when you are up you will now see enemies . The Pharisees came around they didn’t want him to be healed, they wanted him to stay right there. Beware of people in your category who don’t want you up they want you to stay with them and get attention and pity together

Jesus found the man in the temple and told him “sin no more lest a greater disease falls on you”. Well this in the New Testament okay and Jesus said that. There’s grace, there’s mercy, and there’s forgiveness in Christ they are divine enablement to live a holy life to be sanctified and be conformed to the image of God not a license to sin

Jesus told him to stay away from sin. The same thing applies to us, there’s grace now to live a sinless life to live as Christ lived. This grace is not just a covering of sins but a freedom from sin. That sin no longer reign in your mortal bodies. Live in this grace that makes you free from sin.

God bless you.

ADESINA Oluwadamilola

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