FSF UNILAG | Bible study: Light 1-Bro Timi Oshinowo
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Bible study: Light 1-Bro Timi Oshinowo

03 May Bible study: Light 1-Bro Timi Oshinowo

The Light
John 1:1-18, 8:12, 12:36
Pastor Timi Oshinowo

Light is a revealer, it was created because of darkness. It makes you know what is right. Light can’t be put in a definite expression.
Light (scripturally) is an entity that made man, that man can’t comprehend his preexistence. The light is Christ and Christ is the light John 1:1-7; when we talk about the light, we are talking about Jesus.

Who is Jesus?
Who is Christ?

You know a person by what they do not just their name. It’s in knowing what someone does you are able to know who someone is.
Beyond speaking and praying in tongues, we actually need to know the essence of Christ. We need to capture it.

Jesus is a God that came to save man. After man fell, there was no full atonement for the sins of man. The sacrifices couldn’t fully atone for the sins hence the need for God to come.

The origin of light
1 John 1:5, John 8:12

Before Christ came, man was living in darkness. Darkness is the absence of the life of God, the absence of the nature of God. Darkness was the life men began to life after their fallen state.
Darkness blinds a man, makes him not to see light. The only way a blind man can see again is for his eyes to be opened again. Christ has come to open our eyes and reveal the father to us. To reveal the person of God to us.
God is a spirit, after the fall of man, the spirit that made man fall into darkness was the spirit of the devil. The only way God can dwell is for his spirit to take full charge over us. God is the origin of light, he has to give the light to us as a gift, we receive it by being born again. The only way to live in righteousness is for it to be revealed to us.

The only way God can retrieve all darkness in us is through Christ. The more of Christ we know, the more darkness is retrieved from us. Walking is living, it takes living a life where God is the Lord to walk with God.
John 17:3; we need to know Jesus Christ. John 14:6; God is a life and the only way to know him is to know Christ. The light is coming to reveal his life to us. John 8:12; real life is in God because God is the creator of life.

God wants to possess us the same way demons possess people that we do not have a will of ourselves but what we live is God.
If we don’t make Jesus the image we want to become then we are not living.
Acts 17:24; God wants to dwell in us.
The only way we can have the life of God is through the light.
May God reveal Christ to us as one who embodies all the fruit of the spirit and to be lead in all things by him.
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