FSF UNILAG | Consider these series (21/02/2016)
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21 Feb Consider these series (21/02/2016)

Tenure of the Manifestation of His Life
(Jhn 1:4-5,2Cor 3:16-18, Col2:6-10, Rom 8:11-19)
President’s corner


“Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did”
Jhn 2:6(NIV)

I once had a friend who CLAIMED to be a Christian. He told me about the WORKS he’s doing in his church, and he also stated that he is very vast in the word of God.

I looked at his life and I find it difficult to believe him because his life style does not match what he claimed to be. After some times, he had forgotten that he told me he is a Christian, he came to me and told me that his girlfriend aborted 3 pregnancy for him. That was a slap to my faith.

How quick people claim to be Christians when they have not ponder on what it is to be one.

Enough of this claiming, it is high time we move into the realm of LIVING AS HE LIVED.
Many claimed to know him, even unbelievers know him. Knowing him is not news because the devil and demons also know him.

Knowing Jesus alone does not get HIS attention. What get HIS attention is when He sees someone walking exactly the same way He walked while on earth, because many knew Him and yet failed to walk in His ways.
God did not create man because He needed a servant. He already had millions of angels to serve him. He created man because He wanted someone who would manifest His character and His nature.
(Zac Poonen)
Many of us have fallen into the error of believing that we are hired to work for God the moment we accept Christ into our lives, turning Christianity to “saved to work.”

We kept on moving from one place to another, full of activities void of the Holy Spirit. This is one of the reasons unbelievers don’t want to be saved. The response you get from some of them is “if I become a Christian, I will have to be in church from morning to night just like my roommate. I will have to skip lectures just like my course mates” and then they jump to conclusion by saying “I will accept Christ after I graduate.”

The unbelievers say this because they see us doing activities that are Godly but what is coming out of our lives are not godly. They have discovered that some of us have the form of godliness without content and the power of godliness. Most times they see us doing the same things they are doing like exam malpractice, lies, walking in deception, going to night clubs with them, most of us even fight in class bringing shame to the Christendom.
We need to understand that Christianity is all about relationship, resoluteness and doing His will. Every other thing are secondary.

When we tarry in the secret place to know His will, there is an empowerment within to carry out the task.
We get ourselves purified in the place of knowing and doing His will
These are the words of Jesus in Mat. 7:21
“Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only the ones who does the will of my father who is in heaven.” (NIV)
How have you been living your life? Have you been doing His works while you neglected His will? Or have you been assuming you are born again simply because people have been telling you they are blessed under your teachings or choir ministration?

Please consider those questions seriously and be sure you are not living your life on a costly assumption.

Your Brother,
Oladunjoye Adeniyi .L
O. L. A

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