FSF UNILAG | Consider These 17/01/2016
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Consider These 17/01/2016

18 Jan Consider These 17/01/2016

Tenure of the Manifestation of His Life

(Jhn 1:4-5,2Cor 3:16-18,Col2:6-10,Rom 8:11-19)

President’s corner



I thank God for His faithfulness and dealings upon our lives last tenure which was tagged: ‘The revelation of Christ’ and at the same time I welcome us all to the tenure of ‘The Manifestation of His Life’ It is my prayer that God will continue to deal with us and cut us on all sides till we finally become like Him.

Beloveth what the church needs today is not more machinery or better, not new organizations or more and novel methods but men whom the Holy Spirit can use (to manifest Hs life). The Holy Spirit does not flow through method but through men. He does not come on machinery but on men. He does not anointplans but men. -E.M Bounds(paraphrased)

If we must manifest His life, then we must consider how our beloved brother John (jhn 1:4) described HIS LIFE:

In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

Two things we must consider in that verse if we must manifest His life or become His ambassador. The first thing to consider in that verse is that; Jesus had life in Him. Beloveth we cannot give what we don’t have, in other words we cannot manifest a life we don’t have. For easy manifestation of His life we need to accept His life first, and not only that but also learn His life.

Oh! Dear brother you claim to have His life yet you smoke, masturbate and even drink. It is true no one has slept with you sister but guys have played keyboard and blown sax with some parts of your body yet you claim to have His life. Some are even planning on how to rob the examiner in the forth coming examination, and yet we claim to be carriers of His Life.

Jesus is a life giver, he is always ready to give life and to give it abundantly (Jhn 10:10b) to those who surrender to Him. Dear brothers and sisters Jesus loves you and what He desired is to be your FATHER.

The first thing for you and I is to have His life.

…and the life was the light of men. This is the second thing for us to consider if indeed we want His life to be revealed through us. Here, brother John explains further to us that this life serves as light of men.

Men in this context are those who roam about in darkness looking for way out, men who are passing through serious situation looking for solution.

The life that was in Jesus was not dormant but it was giving solution to people’s situation, the life was not dormant but rather when men are in darkness and confused it brings light to them. Beloveth are we selfish with the life of God in us? Is the life of God in us dormant or active? When our brothers and sisters are in darkness and utterly confused do we allow Christ to comfort them through us or what we do is to procrastinate or argue with the Holy Spirit? How is our response to evangelism? Or is it that some of us only care about our devotion and quiet time neglecting the fact that people are out there who need to see

Jesus in us. God has chosen us to manifest His life for people to see and glorify Him, so it is time for us to get annoyed in our spirit and STAND UP FOR CHRIST.

Tenure of the Manifestation of His Life

As this Sunday service marks the beginning of a glorious tenure of The Manifestation of His Life, it is my prayer that Christ will be revealed to us, in us and through us.

As this week also marks the beginning of our examination I pray that knowledge will not be far away from us and the wisdom of Christ will be deposited in us.


Your Brother,

Oladunjoye Adeniyi .L

O. L. A


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