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Bible study: Brother Israel Oderinde

19 Apr Bible study: Brother Israel Oderinde



Knowing the Truth

John 8:31-32

17th April


There is a freedom gotten from God. Man is an entity made intentionally by freedom. We would be considering buying the help of the spirit at the truth as the way God makes man free.

What is truth?

John 14:6, truth is found with Christ. Truth is peculiar with the God head.
Knowing all the scriptures doesn’t make you a Christian. Knowing of the truth behind after the new birth experience (1 Tim 2:4). At new birth, our spirit was regenerated, blessed with substances of Christ (truth) and was raised together with Christ (Eph 1:3, 2:4-6), but we (our soul) was ignorant of the truth due to our formal knowledge which was as a result of lies told by the enemy, and God desires the substances of truth to be found in our inward parts(the soul) (Psalms 51:6). The calling of every believer in the New Testament is to come to the knowledge of the truth by learning

Continuing in my word

The word of God is God’s doctrine. This doctrine is in three dimensions Hebs 5:12, 1 cor 3:1.
The word of God can come as milk, meat or strong meat. After new birth, you are in need of milk. You can’t develop properly without milk. It’s the food the Holy Spirit would give a believer after the new birth.
The meat of the word is the word of righteousness/Christ that every soul needs to be qualified for the strong meat which is the word of God.
Until you learn the person of truth, you cannot know the truth.

Freedom of the Truth.

How is the statute of truth raised in a man?
It is raised if man gives himself to the person of truth.

Making is a process. You can be set free and not made free. We are set free by accepting Christ into our lives as lord and savior to now begin the work of making us free by the learning and doing of the word of truth that comes through preaching. Every believer will be made free by learning the life in Christ (Matt 11:28)


God desire all mean to be saved, to come to the knowledge of the truth. God doesn’t want any man to perish so he gave us the eternal spirit to teach and guide us into all truth. We must earnestly desire the operation of the Holy Spirit in us as the spirit of the Lord in our life by giving ourselves to knowing the person of our Lord Jesus Christ by receiving his doctrine.

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