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Becoming Like Jesus

14 Aug Becoming Like Jesus

Beginning of becoming like Jesus

1. Salvation

2. Sanctification

-we are not complete until we are sanctified

3. Suffering

Romans 8:15-19


Business of becoming like Jesus

When you suffer for the cause of the Gospel, you have a reward

-Our ability will be wasted if we don’t have responsibility

-Our Capability draws us closer to our Saviour

-Be a prayer warrior

1 Thessalonian 5:17

-Be a service provider in the sanctuary

(If you are giving out of convenience, you are not giving anything)

Ask what you can do for the church and not what the church can do for you


Benefits of becoming like Jesus

Assurance of eternal life

Safety and security in this world [psalm 127:1]

**Jesus is the only begotten Son of God

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