FSF UNILAG | Becoming like Jesus 21/08/2016
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Becoming like Jesus 21/08/2016

21 Aug Becoming like Jesus 21/08/2016

DATE: 21/08/2016


PREACHER: Bro Niyi Oladunjoye

1 Cor 2:9-10, John 1:14, Heb 5:7


To be like JESUS

-Your prayer life must not be watery.

-Diligently seek God in your secret place.

-To FEAR God is to HATE sin.

Philippians 2:6-7

Becoming Like Jesus is not equal to taking the place of Jesus [That was the mistake Satan made].

**The Disciples were never called Christians until the people studied, observed them and saw the fruits coming out of them.

**The Fact that someone performs miracles doesn’t mean the person is like Jesus

2 Kings 2 : 1-15

Food for thought.

After people have studied our life. Is our life patterned towards becoming like Jesus?

Problems of many Christians is that when they get to certain point in there Christian lives they feel “they have arrived”

One of the reasons why many people are not blessed in churches is That when they are in church, their physical eyes is seeing and their spiritual eyes are blind.

For us to become like Jesus, there have to be a STRONG communication between you and Jesus.

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