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Bible study: Light 1-Bro Timi Oshinowo

The Light John 1:1-18, 8:12, 12:36 Pastor Timi Oshinowo Light is a revealer, it was created because of darkness. It makes you know what is right. Light can't be put in a definite expression. Light (scripturally) is an entity that made man, that man can't comprehend his preexistence. The...

Bible study: Freedom 4 – Bro Israel Oderinde

Theme: freedom Topic: Spirit of Truth Text: John 16:13 The spirit of Truth, the operation of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth, John 16:13, 14:17. The primary purpose of the Holy Ghost who is the spirit of truth is to unveil the personality of truth to every...

Bible study: Brother Israel Oderinde

Freedom Knowing the Truth John 8:31-32 17th April Introduction There is a freedom gotten from God. Man is an entity made intentionally by freedom. We would be considering buying the help of the spirit at the truth as the way God makes man free. What is truth? John 14:6, truth is found...