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Waiting on God

04 Sep Waiting on God

Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be open…
And the master taught us to pray thus, “Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name…
Prayer can be likened to a gist between Man and God. I know we know this or we even pray on a constant K. Prayer means different things to different people, to some prayers means nothing more than opportunity to tender their request to God to others it is a time to report what people did to them, to others it is a time to complain.
What exactly do we term as prayer?
What do we even pray about?
How do we even pray?
Hear the Scriptures, “The prayers of the righteous availeth much” It is in our place to speak to God, through prayers ?
Another thing many people struggle with is whether God answers our prayers, well he does, everyone of our prayers.
He either says , YES
God speaks to us daily but many do not bother to listen and even when we hear from him, many of us struggle to wait on God. We think we have it all figured out and everything needs to work according to our plan.
Many forget that when God says Wait, he would still give a Yes or No answer, but he wants us to trust Him because the timing is wrong and the set time is at hand.
When we pray, we put in so much emotions and we try to blackmail God into granting answers at our own time and we forget the line in the Lord’s prayer.
“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”
We expect God to answer our prayers the way we want it and we do not even realise that we are praying amiss.
If God grants us answers like we demand then, ‘We are now god and God is now our servant’.
The fruit of the spirit consists of patience and so many of us lack patience. We go about claiming the Holy Spirit, showing the gifts but we dont possess his fruits.
Remember what Christ says “The branch that doesnt bear fruit will be cut off from the vine”.
So many of us are branches that don’t bear fruit but to have a part in the father we must bear fruit.
Faith and trust in God is the key to waiting. God’s time is the best, but are we willing to wait for it? Do we even care about his will or we impose our will on him and make him like our slave (God forbid)
Lord, teach us to wait on you, even when it seems like things are not conforming to our plans even when it seems like our mates have gone ahead of us.
Teach us to trust you and to accept it when your answer to us was wait. He said, I know the plans i have towards you, the plans of good and not of evil and to bring you to an expected end.


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