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Topic : Renewing the attitude of your mind.
Text : Eph 4 : 17-25, Col. 3 : 10
by Pastor Ife

Basic Facts
God fashioned man as a three (3) component being (Spirit, Soul and body). Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in the body_ 1 thes 5:23, Heb 4:12
The spirit is the innermost part of us and it is the centre where God relate with us
-The soul is the inner part of us, it is the middleman between the spirit and body. It is dependent on the actions of either the body or the spirit.
-The body is the outer part of us, it is the part of us that give us the ability to relate with the world we see.
´The soul as the center of our today study, is further considered to have 3 parts; the mind, the will and the emotion.
´The mind is the centre of decision making and of thought, the mind is dependent on the influence of the spirit or the body meaning that our mind can either be carnal or spiritual ……Romans 8 : 5-8
´The struggle of the body to rule the mind and the willingness of the spirit to rule the mind make the mind a battlefield….Gal, 5 :16-17, James 4 : 1-2
´At Salvation, two basic things happen according to Titus 3:5;
1. Regenration of the spirit
2. Renewal of the mind.

´Verse 17 of our text says “walk/ live not like Gentiles, whose thoughts are worthless”
´Why should we not live like Gentiles?
-Who are Gentiles (Eph. 2)
1. They are spiritually dead people (Eph. 2:1)
2. They are people whose thoughts, desires and ways of live are being controlled by
– The course of the world
– Prince of the power of the air (Eph. 2:2 )
3. Gentiles live by natural desire (Eph. 2:3)
4. Gentiles live by the desires of flesh and mind. (vs 3)
5. Gentiles are by nature children of wrath/anger (vs 3)
6. They are aliens of God’s commonwealth.(vs 12)
7. They are strangers of the covenant of promise. (vs 12)
8. They are hopeless people (vs 12)
9. They are Godless people (vs 12)

– Why should we not think like Gentiles ?
We should not think like them because of who they are and what rules their lives.

– Who are we?
1. We are God’s loved people, people who already appreciate, validate and activate God’s love. (vs 4)
2. We are quickened people (vs 5)
3. We are  heavenly seated people, as such our thought and desire should be heavenly centered (vs 6)
4. We are God prepared people to manifest His exceeding riches. (vs 7
5. We are saved people (vs 8)
6. We are God’s masterpiece (vs 10)

´The comparism of believers and Gentiles thought….. Mat.6:24-34
-Draw near by Christ blood….. Vs 13
-Breaking of the wall of partition by his body and ensuring peace between God and man…. Vs 14-15
-Christ reconciled us to God by his cross…. Vs 16
-Christ gave us access to God by his spirit….. Vs 18
-We become the habitation of his spirit….. Vs 22

´At salvation the spirit is regenerated and the mind is renewed, the scripture further revealed to us the need of continued renewal of the mind….. Rom.12:1-2
´For continued renewal to occur, there is a need of absolute submission of oneself to God.
´The consecration of the body unto God demands that you make your body a living sacrifice which is holy and acceptable unto him.
´This consecrations demands that you forsake sensuality and give over to sensitivity (seeing,hearing,tasting,feeling and smelling) to the leading of God. Eph.4:19, col.3:6-10.
´Giving over to sensitivity simply means giving over to the life of God and producing the fruit thereof.
-you forsake lying, anger, the devil, stealing and corrupt communication…. Eph.4:25-29.

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