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Renewed to follow

29 Feb Renewed to follow

Sunday, 28th of February 2016

Pastor Niyi Oladunjoye

Renewed to follow


Matthew 10:38

After being renewed, then what is God expecting from us? There is a cross for us to carry. We carry this cross daily. The procedure to follow is to carry the cross. If Jesus carried his cross, we have to carry ours.

It takes the grace and ability of God to be able to see deeply. 1 Samuel 10:8. Samuel could not see the heart of God even when he was a prophet and had anointed two kings of Israel.


Romans 12:1-2

Come and table your life before Him. This is your reasonable worship-The laying down of your life. There is a reason for transformation, a reason why we have to renew our mind: to prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

A mind that is not renewed cannot know the mind of God.

Vs 12

Somethings can be good and acceptable and may bit be the perfect will if God. Jesus acted only when He heard the Father not on His thoughts even though everything within him was good. We get to know if it is the will of God in the place if renewing our mind. We must make up our mind to follow Jesus.


1 Corinthians 2:10-14

Why must we be renewed?

-In order to receive and discern the things of the spirit.

Your spirit knows exactly what is within you. Because the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead abides in us, we can know the things of God. Most times, we don’t know the things that are freely given to us, if we know them, we will know our authority .

Vs 14

When unbelievers argue about Christ, it is because they are natural and do not believe the things of the Spirit and cannot receive the things that comes from God. Why Christians do not understand the Word of God is because they are still at their natural state.


Joshua 1:8

How can I remain renewed?

The Lord is trying to tell us that “this Book of the Law” must not depart from us

Meditation takes us into the realm of the Spirit. After you have meditated you need to observe.

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