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Amidst tears and fears did this earth birth me
oh! what a painful joy of childbirth
placed in the hands of my parents
I learned to talk and walk
i remember when I was very little
and used to sing  cock-a-doddle
I was so naive and innocent
I thought that magic was the florescent
in my father’s house were many uncles
aunties cousins and grandparents

living viagra alternative in such a barracks, it didn’t take long before my innocence was defiled
and my inner sense awakened
and I no longer had the inner saint he put in me
I left for Unilag already defiled
I was going to the university
but I didn’t know that I was going to meet the universe in a city

loving God and keeping his ways wasn’t something my nominal Christian parents could teach
and since I knew my left from my right
my toughest mission has been to find God
It seemed like mission impossible
but I knew that I had to miss and shun the devil
to make all things possible
I have always marveled at how Jane Mary the virgin could reproduce
and why the devil wanted to be God,
it’s really not a game of thrones

So in my quest to fill the vacuum in me I met Segun,
he taught me to follow my heart
Do that which I feel is right
he said, as long as my actions hurt no one
I’m good
But being a good person wasn’t enough for me
My soul was thirsty
my spirit was hungry
and my heart wanted more

So I joined a fellowship
but I couldn’t flow with others
cause they were different
they all knew something
they all had something
That I hadn’t come into the knowledge of
But I decided to fake it till I make it
So, I pretended I have been blended
I listened with an open heart
and one meeting
The word divided and pierced my soul
“remember your creator in the days of your youth,
while the evil days come not, nor the years draw near,
when you shall say, I have no pleasure in them”
I realized that only God could fill my soul’s atrium
Thus the naivety of Segun’s advice
I also learnt that I am supposed to be a manifestation of Christ
So with my life, I became an emissary of Christ.
then I remembered that he who forgets his source will forgo his resources
if it doesn’t happen immediately, it will eventually.
My life became different,
I had joy unspeakable and began to receive uncommon rewards.
it simply took a broken and contrite spirit,
a sincere yearning for Christ
and I became like them…
I followed as they followed Christ
my body had been broken
But my spirit was unscorched
I chose to remember my creator
who created us all
i am his creation
so I should create a nation to the glory of the great creator


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