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Men of the secret place

15 May Men of the secret place

Men of the Secret place by Pastor Tunde Oyediran

-Often times victories that are won openly have first been won inthe secret place.
-The most powerful place in one’s life is THE SECRET PLACE.

The Power of the secret place
-The secret place is the place where destinies are made or marred (Ps 139 : 14-16)
-The secret place is the place where power change hands
-The secret place is the place of capacity development and discovery.
-The secret of greatness is seen in the attitude of men to the secret place.

The strength of one’s life and how well one will fulfill God’s purpose is a function of how healthy such person is in the secret place.

*Esther 4:15-17, 5:1-2 Esther didn’t base her seeking of the king on her outward beauty but on the secret place.
*David also developed his inner being in the secret place such that he needed consecration for the annointing and no extra weapon to face Goliath.

-The secret place of a manis the presence of the most high

Jesus also kept refuelling and rekindling the spirit in the secret place

how to harness the power of the secret place
-Acknowledge the power and potential it carries/has
-Be determined not to allow sin in your secret place
-Cryitically analyse yourself regularly
-Embrace change continually

If your life is to be judged by what happens in your secret world, who will you be called?
Eph 5:12

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