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Can we meet you?

My name is Ojo Daniel Olasunbo. I am the second born in the family of four, I am the first boy. Currently studying Finance in Faculty of Bus Administration, year 2 precisely.

You were made an exco in year 1, so how did you feel when you were called out to be an exco?

To be sincere, it came at a shock, although I read the lines, but it came as a shock. I felt good to an extent because it is an opportunity to serve in your Father’s house, but not withstanding, I felt it was a call to duty, a call to responsibility, a call to maturity in certain areas. Being an exco in year 1, I also saw it as a privilege because things like that don’t come on a normal day so it shouldn’t be taken with levity. But notwithstanding, I bless God.

Since you’ve been made an exco, how have you been able to combine your academics with ‘excoship’?

It is just by God’s grace and the leading of the Holy Spirit. There are days when it looks like it is stressful. When I heard the call I was wowed in the sense that ‘how do I combine that responsibility with my academics and things I do on the side?’ but so far, I look back and I am like wow, so far it has been God. It is just through the help of the Holy Spirit. You know through Him you can do all things. I bless God.

Are there any challenges you have faced handling the evangelism unit or as the assistant general secretary?

No, I have not faced any and I don’t hope or envisage facing any. Only the fact that my predecessors actually left a mark, so it was expedient of me to meet up and then exceed those marks they’ve actually left. So it was just on my own side, self-development, pushing yourself up in the Word, because indeed you have in your care souls whom you have to groom and you also have to, at every point in time be in tune with what heaven says at that present time. So it takes more responsibility on your side to stay in the place of hearing what God is saying so you don’t mislead whom God has actually put in your care.

What kind of ministry have you been passionate about?

First is healing. I have been so passionate about healing ministry because at times when I probably go by the way and I see people who are crippled, people who are lame I just feel compassion and pity in my heart. And it is also my desire because this is what the Lord actually promised us when I was called upon as the evangelism secretary. I sought God’s face and He said in course of evangelizing, He said He is going to do what is called healing evangelism-where we have to go out, pray, minister Christ and souls will be saved, but there will be liberation, there will be healing. And I bless God so far, we’ve had few testimonies but that’s just the core area, healing evangelism. It really moves my heart to see people healed.

Since you’ve been a Christian thus far, has there been any time when you have had weaknesses or when your Faith has been shaky?

Yes indeed. Even the Bible says that in the world there are tribulations, but be of good cheer John 16:33. I just bless God for the Spirit of God. Indeed there are times when weaknesses will show, there are times when lapses will surface. But even inherent in those lapses, are blessings and messages that probably, God Himself allowed. There are times when I have also discovered that He just allowed those things to occur, to help you come to the fact that you have probably not gotten to His percentage and probably just to expose those weaknesses in you. That’s why the Bible said that let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he falls. So at times, in our own wanting to think that we are perfect, He just exposes those weaknesses to help you take caution, to make you come to the understanding that that thing is still in your life. So I will say yes, there are times when probably weaknesses came, but I bless God, with the help of Holy Spirit, He helped me overcome them and he helped me learn the messages, the lessons from those experiences.

Can you explain further, giving examples if possible?

One is a bit of pride. Recently God has been dealing with my personal principles. Personally I have certain perspectives about life; I have personal views about life. But recently, with people I have met and with lessons I have learnt, He has been exposing me to personal dealings with the Bible, He has been helping me to break those principles. Anyone who is going to walk with God must walk with God based on God’s principles. You can’t dictate for God, you can’t tell God that okay this is what I think about this. If the Holy Spirit tells you this is this, you can’t tell Him that but no, this is this. So He is helping me break those principles because He needs one who is very flexible. If Abraham was not flexible, you know Abraham, from a human perspective no one can just say just be going, when God was telling Abraham just go, I will take you to a land. Humanly speaking, you will be like, where am I going to. So I believe anyone who is going to walk with God has to obey God to the letter. Recently He has been helping me deal with those principles, the issue of pride, and several other things.

Are you into any business personally?

I am into businesses, several businesses to the glory of God.

Can you tell us a few?

I am into the manufacturing industry, real estate and there are other ones that are still pending. Very soon I will be going into, not transportation, but something that has to do with it, the moving industry. Very soon I will also be going into research and into consulting. But the ones that are still kicked off are the manufacturing and real estate.

Are you in a relationship?


Any reason why you are not?

Well, there is time for everything. I am not ready for it. I am somebody who gives time to whatever I engage in. so if I engage in any relationship I should know that I want to give it time. One reason is the fact that the Lord has not actually shown me anyone and personally I am not ready for any relationship.

Can you just tell us a few of your hobbies?

I love to research, I love it. I love to explore new things. I always love to find out about it. I am someone who, if not for academics, I just love to explore, to research, to network, I love to meet new people, I love to share ideas, I love to explore, do thing that are innovative and productive, I love to find solutions to problems. I just love doing all that. And doing all that you need to read. Reading is actually inherent in doing my research. I am someone that just loves doing research-find out new things, find out what is current.

Finally, do you have any final words for the fellowship?

I see the fellowship, I see God taking us to a greater height. To the glory of God where the visioners, the ones who actually through the help of the Holy Spirit pioneered the fellowship, so far if they come around and they see how God has actually taken us thus far, they will really be happy. So I really want to give God the glory, and I believe that the work of God is progressing. You know it is in the plan of God that He takes us to our Canaan land and I can see God already putting some things in place already. With the help of God, spiritually the fellowship is growing, financially the fellowship is growing, academically the fellowship is going, morally, martially, several aspects. And the Lord is already placing us in special key or important facets of life that will actually bring glory to God. So it is just my advice to the fellowship as a whole that they do not miss out in the plan of God for the fellowship. Let’s not be anxious for anything like Philippians 4 has said and let’s always make sure that we are not sluggard or lacking in our relationship with God, we are not sluggard in God’s plan for us, let’s make sure that we are not too rigid with what God has for us. It is God’s plan that we are complete all round. As a fellowship, it is my vision that God will raise up kingdom financials. Even as students, there is nothing bad in being excellent in your academics, being excellent in your finances. I foresee a fellowship that will bring glory to God even in this present time; that through the things they would do, through their spiritual life, through their creative minds will cause men to see God’s glory in their life; will cause men to see our good works and give glory to our Father. So I see the fellowship growing, the fellowship improving. And really I see God opening up new dimensions to the fellowship. I see God causing us to be opened to several levels of impartations. I see God taking us higher, opening up several realms, opening up deeper realms unto the fellowship as a whole. And that’s my Joy.

Thank you Sir. All of us from the Publicity Unit wish you a happy birthday.

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