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Can we meet you?

My name is Oripeloye Emmanuel Olusegun, I’m a student of estate management, faculty of environmental sciences, 500 level, I’m a Christian obviously, From a family of four kids, two boys and two girls.

From what we know, since year two you have been an exco, from state you were the PRO, in Unilag organizing secretary then publicity, Unilag joint Christian fellowship[UJCF] choir organizing secretary, practically you have spent four out of your five years in school as an exco, how has it been like?

I will say it has been fine and I have learnt a lot in the process and I’m still learning. I have been faced with different situations and challenges and to the glory of God he has a way of helping us out and putting us through. I will say it’s a learning process.


Since you have worked in various capacities, what capacity will you say has been the most challenging?

I will say organizing, at the time when I was serving, there were so many things that were not in place and God helped me to do what I could do from KLM to special programs, at the time I was made the organizing secretary I didn’t know much about organizing until I got there and I saw what was involved. I was like wow and before I knew it I became organizing secretary for UJCF and that was the bomb. At sometimes I was frustrated, there were just so many challenges. Meeting with members of the 44 fellowships under UJCF was tasking and sometimes the way they react to you was not it. Personally, Unilag has trained me, I didn’t enter Unilag like this and I know that by the time I’m graduating I’m leaving with so many things, experience, blessings, spiritual blessings and I thank God for that.


You are in a business; did you start while in Unilag or you already had the idea from home?

I wouldn’t say I had an idea from home but when I was at home I was doing music I didn’t have any idea of how to make it profitable until I got into school. I came up with a name – impact sound and media and it has been running for some time now, we do sound and media. Sound has to do with setting up sound and instruments basically what I learnt from organizing in fsfunilag. We do musical equipment too and media, printing on CD, we did a job for last KLM, printing on CD, mass dubbing and things like that. Impact is at its foundational stage now because of the fact that I’m in school and I have to balance it with academic work and fellowship activities. The pace at which we are moving now is not really fast. I’m into business and I’m open to business ideas.


How have you been able to combine your business, fellowship and academic activities?

I don’t know how I have been able to combine it, it has just been God. There was a time in FSF that I was seriously frustrated, I was the PRO of my department, I was the class governor of my class, I was the organizing secretary of fsfunilag , I just had so much on me, at some point in time it was looking like I was going to crash, everything was looking frustrating, before I knew it I was angry at everybody and angry at myself because there was too much activities on me. What I was thinking at some point was that the burden be reduced at some point but it didn’t happen. There was a time I even wanted to resign as an exco. Many people don’t know this, I’m saying it so that people will learn, that’s what happens when you lace yourself with too much activities than you can bear.  I’m a very energetic person, I got involved in too many things and I was just going down, infact my academics was affected at that time. That was when I discovered that I was actually doing most of those things by my own strengths and by strength shall no man prevail. It took God’s special intervention to get me out.


Had can i buy viagra without a prescription there been times when your faith had been shaky as a Christian or you had any doubt?

Of course there were times like that and the annoying thing is that because you are an exco people will think that you are okay, meanwhile you are screaming help me, there are times like that. Generally, there have been times when I have been weak but there is this general saying that when you fall, you rise again.


Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I’m in a relationship

How long?

I have been in a relationship for close to five years now

Five years ago? How did you know that she was the right person for you?

It’s been God, before we started the relationship she was my friend, to be sincere with you it didn’t really start with God like that, but at some point, in the relationship we had to dedicate everything to God and we became serious with the things of God. God has kept us for close to five years now.

So how has it been so far as the worker’s coordinator?

Being the worker’s coordinator of fsfunilag has been ‘THE TASK’, it’s the biggest training ground that God has ever placed me in my entire life because of the fact that being the worker’s coordinator, you are involved in everything in the fellowship, every unit, every worker. The bad part of the whole thing is the aspect of worker’s discipline, that’s a task. I’m a 100% jovial person and I can’t be laughing while doing this but I have to keep a straight face sometimes because of workers. Its not easy, I have had times when I had to confront people even when I don’t like it but I had to do it as a service to God because I realized that God has placed me here for a reason. I believe in the fact that if I don’t do it I will be held responsible by God. To an extent, I will say the workers discipline has increased. I need the workers to understand that the whole discipline thing is a learning process. There Is need for us to understand what we are called to do, that’s why some workers take the whole thing lackadaisically.

But there is still more work to be done, from the unit heads to the workers. The reason why we have to instill discipline more is that so many people will be joining the work force and I want them to meet discipline.


what’s your advice to people that were vibrant choristers in their home church and here after workers in training, they are thrown into the welfare department or ushering and because they don’t want to look lazy, they just go to the unit and they are not active?


What most of us wants is to be placed in our comfort zone, when you are placed in another unit, that’s to tell you that you are leaving your comfort zone and you are going to a new ground and in doing that you are adding to your life because what you are going to learn is not something you are familiar with and In learning you grow. You should understand that you are not just placed in any unit, its according to Gods plan. God knows everything about you even your future. I love music all my life, I was made organizing secretary, I learnt and I will forever be grateful to God for being placed in organizing unit. At the time I was made publicity secretary I didn’t know anything about publicity, I was not a member of the unit, I learnt a lot from that unit, the media part of impact that I was doing was a result of the fact that I joined publicity unit. At the point when I was appointed, if I had said I won’t function because It’s not my passion then I won’t learn anything. Everything is according to Gods plan, he puts us in that atmosphere that brings forth our growth. Look at pastor faith, he wanted to be in the choir unit but he was placed in bible study unit, see where he is now. God already saw that he will be the bible study secretary. You can’t compare your plan with that of God.


what’s your vision for the fellowship?

Fsf is a family that I will live to forever remember, God has been helping us in all aspect, we should keep trusting him because he is our help. Let’s remain in God as our sustenance, let’s be steadfast, a standard has been made in the fellowship and it should not be brought down. I know the next generation is a blessed generation and we are praying for them already. For the fellowship, I love you guys




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