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FSFUNILAG publicity unit in a exclusive interview with FSF UNILAG publicity secretary DAVID CHIBUEZE…enjoy!

Can we meet you sir?

I am David Chibueze, I am a 300-level student of the University of Lagos, studying mass communication. I am a Christian from a family of 5 children, I am the 2nd male. I am the publicity secretary of FSF Unilag.

This is your first time being a unit head, how has it been?

Let me just say it’s been God because I can’t categorically say I was a good unit member, When I was made a unit head I really didn’t know what I expected especially from the unit members but I thank God for how everything has been although it has not been smooth like dealing with people and beyond that you also had to answer to the exco’s and defend your moves and everything. But it has been a whole new experience but I thank God it’s been good to this point.

What are the major challenges you have faced?

Major challenge… firstly, let me just say before I talk about my challenges, I would like to say I will give glory to God for how He has helped us so far. I have had challenges with people, with guys in the unit complying sometimes. I’ve always known that everybody has their own peculiarity so at the end of the day you just have to deal with everybody individually, it has been stressful and that’s one of it. Not that they are all bad, kudos to those guys, but human beings will be human beings. We had this project; the whole camera project, not just camera actually, camera, printer and publicity materials for the fellowship and the problem of people in the fellowship carrying the vision. It’s actually something simple, you go out and look for friends that could drop as low as 500 naira to help acquire what we want to acquire and at the end of the day you realize that there are some people that the they took the thing I didn’t expect it from them, like I have always rated this people high and I just thought that they would buy into the vision, the people I thought would buy into the vision, they were not the ones that bought into it. Anyway, it has been a whole new experience and it’s been good, I learnt a lot of things, I learnt people, I’ve learnt. I think those are the challenges I have faced.

One other challenge… it’s not a challenge per se but it’s just because I am new into it. I don’t know how I made myself like this but I just realized I am time conscious person, when we are supposed to leave at a particular time and we don’t, something in me starts to feel somehow. That was before I became an exco but after I became an exco, I not only had to wait for service to end, after you wait for everybody to greet to their satisfaction then you now do excos meeting. I just made up my mind – any day we are having activities, that period is sold out to God. It was a challenge at first now I think I am flowing with the whole thing.

You are in 300 level, how does it feel knowing that all your unit members are also in the same year that you are and some of them are even in higher levels?

One thing I know about leadership is that leadership is not a show of being bigger than one person; it is not something to prove that these people are below me. God put me here to carry these people along to get some certain things done in the fellowship and in the unit, so them being in 300 level and above me has not really been a thing of concern to me. When I became the unit head, I tried the approach of making friends with everybody. Before then, me and most of the unit members were just “hi-hi” people, but I just made that conscious effort to make everybody a friend one way or the other. I will not say we are tight friends but to an extent I created the kind of familiarity so that when we relate we are relating at a point where there is a level of familiarity and in that same familiarity, God has been helping them, it is not something like they use the familiarity not to respect the authority. We flow very well and that’s the major thing. So being in 300 level and even the person that is higher than me in level and age and everything, to me I have seen a level of humility in him. He is also an exco and when he comes to the unit meeting, he still sees me as a unit head. Basically, that’s it.

What’s your vision for the publicity unit?

I can remember the first or second week after being made an exco, i and a fellow exco went to do something for the fellowship and we were discussing and I realized their perception of the publicity unit was the PROJECTOR. She made one statement that I can’t forget, she was like ‘is it not you people and the projector.’ It just felt in my head that okay what we’ve been called to do is just to handle projector in this life and I people saw it that, no it is not supposed to be so. I don’t know if it is because of acheter du cialis en ligne the name or something but for a media unit, it is a lot more than the projector, it is a ministry and my vision for the unit is a unit that has people that walk in the Spirit and beyond walking in the Spirit, they are also very very skilled. When you have the Spirit of God and you have skill, the sky is your limit; in fact, the sky is your starting point. I see  unit that are filled and controlled by the Spirit and also very skilled, skilled not just in handling projector, skilled in so many things, skilled in social media, skilled in photography, skilled in a whole lot of things. Why a lot of people tend to see us as the ‘projector people’ is because to an extent we’ve limited ourselves at times but by God’s grace, I believe God that soonest, we would move beyond this limit that we created ourselves, beyond where we put full stop in our ministry, we will move beyond these things.

Are you into any business of any kind?

Yes I am. Firstly, not just business, I work for a corporate organization, I work with their media department, I do a lot of digital media, social media and stuffs like that. Then beyond that, I run a small business, a small kind of importation business, like I bring stuffs into the country, stuffs like clothes, shoes, wristwatches, things I like. For me, I think to an extent I like clothes and stuffs like that so I just bring in shoes, things I like and I sell them. I work with a partner, basically, we bring in stuffs into the country and we sell. Some other businesses are on hold due to too many activities. So basically those are the things I do.

How have you been able to combine it, academics and your position as an executive?

I will say it’s been God because He has been helping me a lot especially in this 300 level, this has been my busiest semester but I think He made me go through a learning process in my 200.  Then I was so busy; I don’t know what I was doing actually,In fact my being busy this year has been so productive in so many aspects than it was last year that I was really busy and while I was so busy and everything I kept asking myself that ‘what exactly are you doing?’ I could see myself achieving nothing and yet I was always very busy. But overtime, with the help of God and some people, okay there was a time Sir Emmanuel Oripeloye[my former unit head] spoke to me about combining and not combining time, what you should do and all those kind of stuff, I learnt some things from him there. There was a day pastor Faith said something of recent, a lot of people come to school, they get involved in so many things and when you meet them and they are telling you I am doing this, I am doing that, I am this, I am that’ – that we should try to know where we are.  I would not say I’ve been good at managing time in the past but by God’s grace, this 300 level, I realized that okay I am now an exco, I have so much responsibilities that are time consuming plus business plus school and everything and it is my goal to be productive and effective in everything so I just had to cut away from a lot of things and I also made very strict time management. I was involved in a lot of activities in the department, lecturers and it was as if everybody knew me especially in the department, it got to a point I just had to start detaching myself from lecturers, I had to call some things ‘important’ and call some ‘not important’ so at that point I detached myself from some lecturers from some activities in the department, even some activities that I was involved in the department, I detached myself from it. Like I said, I called some things important and I made them important, I put my time, energy and everything into it to make sure that it was important, productive and that it worked well. The major thing that brought me to school is my studies so I had to place my studies where it was supposed to be and by God’s grace, this semester has been awesome because this time around I am not unnecessarily angry or unnecessarily stressed, when I am stressed, I have a reason for being stressed and it is worth it. So God has really helped me to understand that at this level. Combining everything has been great; I will not say there have been many lapses by God’s grace.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love social media so much, I might not be  a talking person, like I can like to ignore people around me and everything but once I am on my phone, once I am on my system, I am on social media, I am happy. There’s this happiness social media brings to me. I think for now social media is a hobby and I relate with a very few people and those very few people, once I have time out with them, to me those are my hobbies. Of recent I have not had time to do anything recreational. I used to love reading very much, I used to read a lot of novels, but now I don’t think I read as much as I used to but I still see reading as one of my hobbies.

Are you in any social club in school?

Like I said earlier, I used to belong to a lot of things in school that was why I said I had to call some things important and I was almost into everything and anything but by God’s grace I detached from a lot of things. There was press club, Unilag drug free club amongst so many others, I used to be an active member of these things but over times I just dropped it and called some things important.

Are you in a relationship?

I’m not in a relationship, glory to God.


For now, I don’t think it is time yet, like everybody would say (I like that word) and beyond that I still see myself very young to indulge, it is not applicable to any other person, just for me. I see myself young and there are lots of learnings I need to learn before I get into such because I see relationship beyond what a lot of people see it and I think I am going through a period of learning, when it is time God will bring the perfect person.

Who are your mentors?

My first mentor is my dad. Overtime as I grew up, I got to relate with my dad so much, he always had time to relate with me and my siblings and overtime even up to now, every time we go home the way we rapport and everything, I will say I have learnt a lot from my father like lot of things that my father does, I can do things the way my father does it and I like the way he thinks. I have learnt a lot from him. Then Pastor Timi Odeyale, I admire the grace in that man’s life, it is just of recent I started talking to him but he is an inspiration. In the close circuit, Pastor Niyi to an extent is an inspiration. Then going outside, Rev. Lanre DaSilva, He is a Foursquare pastor and a motivational speaker; he is into branding and communications. He is a mentor, like whenever we relate, I so much love what comes out of his mouth. Those are my mentors, then people I admire, people like Apostle Joshua Selman; he has had so much impact in my life even from a far distance. God bless him wherever he is.

Why did you join FSF Unilag and how has it impacted you?

When I came into school as one patriotic foursquare boy I just wanted to attend a foursquare church and see what it looked like, if I didn’t like it, I would leave. I think the first person I met in FSF Unilag was Pastor Niyi then I got to meet a couple of people. At the first two or three services, I would just come in just to see how it was but I don’t know one way or the other I got hooked, got to love the people around, loved the way they did their things. It has impacted me a lot. I would not say I found God in FSF because God started dealing with me just before I came into school but FSF has been a growing place for me, I have grown so much I have come into some level of spiritual intelligence as a result of coming to FSF and relating with people, guys around, in FSF and everything. it has really impacted me in so many aspects and I thank God for that. If I were to do this again, I would come back to FSF Unilag.

As we are through with our examinations now, what words do you have to say as we go on holiday?

As we are all going on holiday, there is one thing that usually happens to people and at one point it has happened to me. When a lot of people go home, I think after the first few days of gingering the whole thing just dies down and by the time you are coming back to school, you are dried, you are looking for revival. But over time I have learnt that we should always seek God’s presence. There is this part of the grace were we say ‘and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever, amen’ and someone taught me to take it in another way- ‘and I shall be the house of the Lord forever and ever, amen’. I think if we take it that way and we actually mean it, it will mean something to our lives. When you are the house of the Lord, you see yourself carry His presence wherever you go and if we truly carry His presence throughout the holiday, there is no way you will come back empty and there is no way you will come back and you will be looking for revival. So even as we go, we should go and shine forth as light, carry His presence and shine forth.

Finally, what is your vision for FSF Unilag?

FSF Unilag is one family that I have come to grow in and my life has been transformed in FSF Unilag. My vision for FSF Unilag is that it remains that place that when anybody comes into it, no matter who the person is, no matter what the person wears, that everyone coming out of FSF Unilag wouldn’t just be a normal person. My vision is that from the moment anyone steps into FSF Unilag at any level, at the time the person is leaving the fellowship, the person would become another person in Christ, the person would get to know and understand his/her  realities in Christ. One thing I also pray for in the fellowship is that we continually grow in love starting from the executives, down to the workers, our individual unit and for us to love beyond our unit; (it is something that I think needs to be worked on) and let it also spread out to people that are not workers. If you notice, there is a way the workers behave among themselves that is different from the way they behave towards people that are not workers I don’t know how the bond of segregation was created but you somehow see a difference. Let the love just flow.

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