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The visitation and follow-up coordinator FALADE OLUWADAMILOLA JOY  in an exclusive interview with FSF publicity Team, ENJOY!


Apart from the fact that you are Oluwadamilola Falade  Joy, and you are the visitation and follow-up coordinator, GSC’17 planning committee member, that is what most people know about you even people that know you are an exco while the others probably do not know who you are so can you tell us more about you or what you think we need to know about you?

I am Falade Joy Oluwadamilola, I don’t think the other names are needed but if they are needed, I will let you know later. Okay, I am in faculty of Law, I am in 500 level, I am the last born of 4 children. We are 3 girls and a boy and ermm, what else is there to say, I am just a very simple person, always happy as everybody can see. Sometimes could be very complicated when I am a little bit in a tight corner or being pressurized. I can choose to be a bit somehow but no I won’t snap out. I talk a lot, I talk, I try to get into a conversation. As much as I talk, I’d like to read the situation of what is going on. If I try to reach out to somebody and then I have a kind of response, I draw back immediately and then before I can be *fired* to the person, I take my time and If I get through to the person and being able to say some things that I can, then I will be able to clear whatever is run. Like one of the guys that I worked with in this GSC 2017, I started off not liking him but I even told him that today and then I can’t say that we are close close but at least we have a talking rapport, so I think that is all.

So, we learnt your elder sister was an exco in FSF Unilag and was a very staunch person even after graduation, so would we say you joined FSF Unilag as a result of the fact that she brought you or because you couldn’t go anywhere or you were directed?

Okay, to start with, truth be told, I came to FSF because my sister was in FSF it was just easy. Like  okay my younger sister is coming into school and then she was here for her post jamb okay let me take her to the fellowship and introduce her to the people. And upon being introduced to the people there, I found love actually, they famzed, let me use the word my destiny sef they famzed me very well. I remember the likes of Blessing Doutimeri, Tolu Akinsola, Ruth Aina, even Kunmi, all of them it was just nice being around them. so it was just easy that my sister helped, but after even leaving and all it was just, it was just like going to another fellowship was like sinning against myself, let me use that word so I just stayed in the fellowship and I think I am a lot fulfilled there, I like it there, I feel at home. Not even on the basis that I am a Foursquarian I actually like it where I am, we are a family, I love them, they love me and I think that is the one thing I really like about this Great FSF family

How do you plan to combine your law career with your ministry in future? Because it is so obvious that people like you will actually go into ministry or something or maybe become mummy GO.

I laugh in Spanish, mummy GO, okay, as much as there might be ministry, I want to actually still practice my law degree. Okay I have a dream that I would actually…I want to lecture and I think that is a bit flexible, maybe have my chamber and if possible, even become a judge but I know being a judge will consume so much of my time because I wouldn’t be flexible, I will be restricted to doing things according to the pattern of the parastatal I think basically God has to actually help and direct me, okay I have a glimpse of what I want to do as to ministry but I actually need God to actually help me draw out the time. If God says do not practice  I know that will be hard but God I have to obey but at least I want God to allow me lecture, if I lecture then…but I trust God to help me with being able to combine everything I have to do together. He is the one that give the assignments; he is the one that helps so I just basically trust him to help me

Do you have problems managing our various activities, school, law, exco, GSC committee and everything, time management basically, how does it work out for you?

Okay, my natural frame as a person, I do not know how to multitask, I don’t know how to multi task at all but something that I have been learning or I started learning after becoming an exco was that anything you want to do, do not procrastinate, just try to do it, do it as it comes, because sometimes when you procrastinate you actually forget and then you might not get to do so many things. As for GSC, God have mercy on me I slyed them a bit though, because there were sometimes I couldn’t go, I couldn’t dare miss some things or…ermm like, okay, I will miss fellowship, miss classes, miss this miss that but actually, I actually learnt to sacrifice, this whole week I was not in class, I only came back for my test and I had to go back and I can say I actually met with God, let me just put it that way. Time management; trusting God Sister Ada was saying something on freshers night day, me myself I have already developed a diary structure of my… what I want to do, I write down and I try to meet up with it, and it is not easy, I have not been very faithful 100 percent I am just trying to meet up to and put everything together.

Being called out as an exco in your year 5 your final year, did you find it funny that you weren’t made an exco earlier? Because there are people that start serving from year 2 and secondly were you surprised or overjoyed?

Being an exco in year 5, is actually not easy; I even at a point walked up to pastor Faith and told him I think I am going to resign because I wasn’t finding it funny in my academics and then other activities. Actually over the years people serving , I see being an exco as being a Calling, sorry, if I can say that and I feel that at the appointed time if they pick anybody at any point in time then god actually wants to use that person for that point in time. So the thing is that every one of us has to understand what God will have us do. That point in time that we have been elected. And again I just feel like…well over the years I felt like you just really need to build up yourself spiritually, it is not about being an exco actually, it is about just having this very good relationship with Christ then having the grace and the ability to just sustain it till the very end and not become weary so being an exco is not, to me the big deal but actually the relationship with God. Then the second part of your question, well I actually knew that… I actually had the feeling that okay you are going to be an exco but visitation and follow up unit did not cross my mind though I was a unit member and then I was assisting sister Ada but it did not cross my mind, it was just okay if I become anyone Lord, okay. I just had the feeling it was not like anybody told me or like I was expecting it and then when I was called out I was just normal, in fact I could not cry, I stood in between two people and they were shedding real tears but I could not just cry cause I did not just know what to do, I was so expressionless, I didn’t know how to express, nothing was coming, no cry, no smile nothing, I was just there standing and I was just looking like okay God I am here oya what’s up and that was just all I had in mind, there was really nothing more


Following your reply of being an exco is about building yourself up spiritually and your relationship with God, can we say that you have attained or will you say at year 5, you built yourself from year1 to year 4 and you now attained in yr4 before you were made an exco?

I cannot say I have attained, I am still growing, I am still growing, I have my challenges, I have my downtimes, in fact one just passed by and then it took the grace of someone really close to me to speak into my head as in she really spoke to me and at that point I had to go back again to cry to God, and it was…I didn’t see it as a slap anyway being the unit head does not mean you don’t have your times, it does not mean that you don’t have your spiritual downtimes. I was at that point so I cannot say I have attained, I will say I am still attaining I am still growing and I want to grow more and yield more and to learn more of God, in fact the totality of God is what I am interested in knowing and not all the post and everything just God



How did you overcome in times when you had unpleasant grades in some courses and they affected your GPA or were there not times like that, you could be a scholar we never can tell?

Oh praise God, I claim being a scholar. How have I? Hmmm they were not nice times, okay me how I overcome my stress is that I cry a lot. I remember that whenever I see my grades and most times they were not always pleasing, I will take a walk from library to gate and in that walk I am crying and then I am just expressing myself. I remember one time in year 3 I saw my results, two courses, as in I saw it I couldn’t check I asked my friend Ore to help me check it, as she brought it, it was Ore Ajayi, as she brought it and I saw the grade I told her not to tell me I told her to write it, as I saw it I just stayed on my bed in Amina then, my roommate didn’t know what was going on, I stood up I went to the bathroom and I cried, because  I couldn’t cry in front of them, I was just crying, in fact at a point I sent a message to Ada then she was in Amina, I said if you don’t hear from me by evening just come and look for me ‘because I don’t  know what I can do, she immediately started calling me, don’t walk away, don’t do this one, there is nothing, I was like…that was just how I was, I was really depressed and whenever I am depressed like that, I cry a lot, if I don’t share it with someone that is close to me ,or fast and I always like to just let the person leave me, let me express myself don’t say anything just listen to me, let me talk let me cry, let me do everything I have to do and then after I am done and I am satisfied  you can now tell me anything you want to then it will sink me but if you are trying to stop me between the tears, no don’t do this, you are making me pile up the tears, the day I will burst out (laughs) it will not be nice so that was my kind of therapy

Have you ever had heartbreak in a relationship before?

No, because I have never been into any relationship


Why? Okay I came to school with the…okay I had crushes obviously ,secondary school, from primary school. primary school…from primary 1 I can remember my crush in primary 1 to primary…I remember my crush in primary 3 I cannot remember the name of my crush in primary 1 but I remember the name of my crush in primary 3, his name was Benjamin, in primary 5…I think it was primary 3 to primary 5, then I got into jss1 I crushed on like 3 different guys, Quadri, Bolaji, they ended up becoming my very good friend then finally one brother like that Olumide, from jss2 to ss3 but, after leaving secondary school I just came into school with the mentally that I want to do my best, I had the dream of coming out with a first class, I don’t    want any brother, not at all. But… there is actually a brother but no relationship has started, that is all I can say

Can you tell us some of your happiest moments in FSF and your sad moments?

Happiest moments…I think I am always excited about service that no matter how sad I come to service, I always leave very happy. My saddest moments in FSF, I don’t think I have any, except if was sad from where I was coming then I refused to cheer up but most times I always cheer up. But one of the toughest semesters I had was my year three , I always smiled but deep down I was sad because of grades, academics and all of that. It was majorly academics, but I will come to the fellowship, I will leave happy but once I step out if the fellowship, the smile and everything dies. But every time in FSF is my happy moment and I don’t think I have had any sad time, not at all.

So far as visitation and follow-up coordinator, what has been your challenges, what has been your major challenge?

Before mow I used to think I know how to famz people, the day they pronounced me visitation and follow up unit coordinator, it was like all my skill of famzing died and in fact sometimes the way some people will look at you before I used to have bulletproof and all of that but it was like they all die and really interacting with people now, it has been a little bit hard I  don’t know why but I am trying to bring it back and then no matter what still reach out to this people , no matter how they give me eye or how they.. you know some people, I even cut my hair so some people will think that maybe you are one jambite who is just trying to get admission and the way they even approach you, I remember  it was even me and David that we were greeting Adeola’s brother with his friend and I was asking the guy how are you what level and the guy was just puffed up “ I’m in year  one”and I just looked at him, “I am in year five” the boy went down straight, good evening ma and all those kind of things and I use to have really funny expressions so I know when people give me expressions too but through it all I have to break through that and I still have to reach out to this people  so far just the expression and how people can be sometimes, and you know you have to also be careful, you don’t know what they are going through or what is running through their mind at that time, some are false, some it’s forming,  some they are actually really down, and some they are just like that, just people generally.

So you don’t have challenges with unit members or are they all perfect people and everything is going on well there?

Of course not everybody can be perfect, they have their flaws but the ability to work with people is actually to sometimes try to understand them and their peculiarity. People have their strength and people have their weaknesses. Sometimes, most times we fight in the unit but we have to just still calm down and still work together that is why we are a unit, we are one, we have to work together. So even though sometimes I may have to shout even go as far as saying I will open my eye for you oh, there was one day like that, at the end of the day, we will still come back together to become one bigger person, they have their flaws and I have mine so we just have to work together.

How do you see the current leadership of the fellowship since the beginning of the session, Pastor Isaac, the pastorate, what do you feel about them? Do you have reservations on any issues ?

Something I know about Pastor Isaac is that he is a sensitive person and permit me to use the word, he is a man of the Spirit (laughs) and then he is a very calm leader, he is actually a leader. Everybody having their different forms of approach and the way they can shout and do things can just be very annoying. I really thank God for the grace of God upon him. I give it to him, I don’t think I am as patient as he is and so far we are all humans. Asides from being units head, we have our individual attitudes; we have different ways at which we can approach things. I could be pressurized and decide to keep quiet, another person can be pressurized and then be aggressive on everybody and then even keep transferring, but the thing is our ability to still overlook that and really look at what the person is, and I thank God, I thank God for the excos, that we are being given opportunity to talk to each other and even amongst ourselves, say things that amongst ourselves that is paining us and I think that is the best way to life. If somebody annoys you, just walk up to the person and tell the person, you might not tell the person immediately because if you tell him he might not understand and it will aggravate and all of that but if I can explain later on that okay what you did I don’t like it and then the person can say I am sorry, I think life will be very easy and then all of us will be fine. So far, so far I think they are wonderful people though I have not had anybody walk up to me to tell me what I did is wrong but at least I have gone to people and told them okay I don’t like what you did and then and even some the way I even say it sometimes, I like the fact that none of them will come back like why are you talking to me like that? No, they will just take it and then we are fine so I think so far so good it has been nice and I pray it will continually be like this and even better than how we are.

As an executive, as the visitation and follow up coordinator, what is your dream for the fellowship? I believe when God gives you a calling or when you are called, he gives you a picture of what he wants you to achieve so what is that vision? What are we going to see? Or what do you want to see in future in FSF Unilag?

Okay one thing I want to see and keep seeing is the love, I do not want it to die, I want us to continually bond the way we are, I want us to keep loving each other the way we’ve been loving each other. And another thing is being able to adequately follow up on these people and reach out to them. Another thing I see in the unit is sensitivity, like when you see some people sometimes we should be able to discern that okay something is going on I need to reach out. That’s just the basic.

That is what you want to see in the fellowship but is that your vision for the fellowship?

I will rephrase something I said, something I want to keep seeing or something I never want to die is love and another thing is that I want to see FSF members being vibrant and selfless, coming to the deep understanding of God and then what he wants them to do. It might not actually be in the line with unit, well it actually is because we are to follow up on this people both their spiritual life and academics and anything that pertains to them. So I want to see later on when I come to FSF, I want a numerically growing FSF, I want to see an improved FSF in numbers, even as they are growing in numbers I also want to see a spiritually sound assembly, a revived community of people. Like the GGSC we went for, something I knew the Lord was saying per time was revival and that we are the generation that the world is waiting for that was even said in Joel 2:28. That is what I want to see. I want to walk up to an FSF member in 5 years’ time and when we are having a conversation as to be able to see God and see that this person has actually experienced God and is still longing to experience God that’s what I want to see, place filled up with the love of God, filled up with the knowledge of God, filled up with more hunger and thirst to just know God.

Do you have any final words for FSF Unilag?

Final words to FSF Unilag, okay can I say something like I love them (laughs) okay, final words, I love everybody, I love FSF Unilag, I love you guys to the moon and back (laughs) I love you more than the sands of the seas and more than the waters in the ocean and I just want that you guys keep longing for God, just long for Him and strive to know more Knowledge, just more, more about Him. And with what Apostle Joshua Selman said in this last GSC, he said God will open you up to a glimpse of Him, He will just show you small and shut it but He wants you to press. So I just want us to keep pressing, press to know Him, he is somebody we long to have a closer relationship with, let me even use a guy and a girl relationship, if a guy wants to toast a girl he will make sure he is close to her first at least know some things, he may not know all about her character, he might not know the funny characters yet but at least he will know some, he will know her best this, her best that, her downtimes , her this, and then he will know how to go about it so just let us long for God, strive to have a closer relationship with Him and I trust that God will open up Himself to us too. Thank you, guys.

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