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God will provide – Faith to finish

God will provide

10 Feb God will provide – Faith to finish

3pm at makama hostel on sunday


Damie: Ohh, what’s all this na. I’m hungry as anything


Kenny: (cut’s in)…  Ahah Damie if you are hungry go and buy food na.


Damie: see Kenny I don’t have money I had to drop my last #50 as offering. Yesterday I payed #500 as dues in my unit. Now I’m so broke. I don’t even understand what I’m doing again. I keep dropping all my allowance to the fellowship see Kenny I won’t lie to you I’m tired.


Kenny: Damie, calm down, I understand you perfectly and I know it’s not easy. But at difficult times like this we have to remember God is our provider. I really appreciate your sacrifices remember Abraham when he was about to sacrifice his son, he was ready to give all he had to God because he knew God was the only one that could provide and miraculously God opened his eyes to see a ram……


Damie:(cuts in)…. All those stories I’m tired of hearing them. Can God just do something about my

situation right now.

Kenny: Damie baby, God will provide for you but you have to believe it. You know He will not forget your labour of love and sacrifices. Once you start doubting you are missing it.


Damie: I’m trying to believe but I can’t  just seem to forget my condition.


Kenny: In believing you have to take your eyes off your environment and focus on the promise of God…. God will surely provide for you sister. (hugs her)


Damie: Thank you so much Kenny…. I’ll keep confessing it. I know my God will provide.


Kenny: that’s the spirit… You know God has just provided lunch for you… I’m about to cook I will cook for you too.


Damie: Awwwn…. You are such a darling (phone beeps) Praise God!!!! This is a miracle… My uncle just sent me money.. God is good


Kenny: Glory to God… I’m so happy. Truly God is a provider


Damie: I know right… In every situation God will provide..


(both starts singing he has done it for me what my father can not do he has done it for me as they enter the hostel )


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