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Bible Study – Bro Timi Oshinowo

Introduction Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1. As children of God, we have been set free. "For the sins of the whole world Christ died." John 3:16 This is the first level of freedom; that we be translated from darkness...

The Trophy – Episode 4

(Previously) . . . the tactic Coach Chuks provided seemed to throw the Desperadoes off balance and by final whistle time, the Hawks were rushing into the field to celebrate their unbelievable victory. The scores were 3-1. The gladness on their faces was astounding: they were...

The Trophy – Episode 3

(Previously) The intruder was still pacing in the sitting room . . . They could hear the footsteps. Just then, Femi looked over to where he'd kept his laptop . . . Mysteriously, it wasn't there anymore . . . The intruder had stolen his...