FSF UNILAG | Bible study: Freedom 4 – Bro Israel Oderinde
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Bible study: Freedom 4 – Bro Israel Oderinde

theme for April

26 Apr Bible study: Freedom 4 – Bro Israel Oderinde

Theme: freedom
Topic: Spirit of Truth
Text: John 16:13
The spirit of Truth, the operation of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth, John 16:13, 14:17.
The primary purpose of the Holy Ghost who is the spirit of truth is to unveil the personality of truth to every believer beyond every other expression of the spirit.
He began relating with us based on our present needs because we didn’t really know him. He prompts us on what to wear, where to go, companies to keep, etc He also opens us up to participate in spiritual things, 1 cor 12:7.
The core purpose of the Holy Spirit however is leading us into all truth even if all gifts of the Spirit are present.
The initial fellowship and communion every believer experience after the new birth are to get the soul acclimatised to the things of the Spirit till the season of knowing the truth will be opened over such a believer.
The spirit of the Lord,
2 cor 3:17. This is another level of operation of the Holy Spirit, until the Holy Spirit starts dealing with you as the spirit of the Lord, there is no liberty. You would only obey strictly someone you see is higher than you, except you see the spirit as the spirit of the Lord, you can’t obey totally.
This Spirit opens the door to the seven spirit of God, Isaiah 11:1-3.
The spirit of wisdom and understanding opens the eyes of the understanding of the soul in sighting the Truth, they empower the soil through knowledge to live for the hope that is painted, Titus 1:2.
The spirit of might and counsel communicates to the soul the formation of the reality of the truth that is being painted, Eph 1:17-19. Our hope cannot fade away.
The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord communicates the knowledge of the love of Christ (charity; which supersedes other forms of knowledge) in other to be filled with the fullness of God, Eph 3:19.
These seven spirits are dependent on the hearing of the doctrine of Christ, John 8:31-32.
Freedom of the spirit of the Lord.
We are to come under the spirit of the lord so that we will no longer live for ourselves again, Rom 14:7-8. He isn’t just advising you, he is now the Lord, Gal 2:20. He would be Lord against our life, John 21:18. Our life isn’t just what we have been able to sight as evil but rather what the Spirit of the Lord consider evil according to the standard of righteousness that Christ is, 1 cor 1:30. These could be our righteousness, knowledge of God, ambitions, definition of good life etc. We will learn and learn Christ till we have totally relinquished all that makes us bound to Satan and in exchange be tied to God in our souls. It is possible, man can be free from sin and death, this is the destiny of every man.
The Holy Spirit who dwells in us is the eternal Spirit who is Truth himself and he’s willing to communicate the Truth to every believer. However, the willingness of the spirit isn’t enough unless we as God’s people give ourselves to hearing the doctrine of Christ and willing to lay down our old life. The life of Christ is the answer to the freedom cry of man.
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