FSF UNILAG | 2016 January
Foursquare, Students, Fellowship ,University of Lagos
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January 2016

PRAYER MEETING (26-01-2016)

26TH TUESDAY 2016. THEME OF THE MONTH: UNCOMMON REWARD TEXT: GEN 15:1 Who stands a chance to be rewarded by God this season? Those who want to win souls, not just ‘want’ but those who will take actions, and also go out to win souls. Those who are willing to give...

Consider These 17/01/2016

Tenure of the Manifestation of His Life (Jhn 1:4-5,2Cor 3:16-18,Col2:6-10,Rom 8:11-19) President’s corner CONSIDER THESE THE MANIFESTATION OF HIS LIFE I thank God for His faithfulness and dealings upon our lives last tenure which was tagged: ‘The revelation of Christ’ and at the same time I welcome us all to the...


NaFFS LAG Congress  2016 Theme :That  I May  know Him Text : Phil 3:10          THEME EXPOSITION Topic :The Reward  of Righteousness Text: phil 4:4, 3:8-10, 1:1-2 Preacher : Rev Joseph Lamidi Jesus Christ  is our Righteousness 1cor 5:21. - your  desire  to know Christ should  be a growing  one - At different  levels ...