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08 Dec

*Tobi*: Have U Heard??!!
*Toba*: heard about what?..The Balloting Date for Freshers?

*Tobi*: No, This information is far more than that
*Toba*: Ehn ehn.. Temme more..

*Tobi*: This is a kingdom information..
*Toba*: Hmmmmmmm shook me!
Wha it is ke???

*Tobi*: Above all things, Do you desire to start a new session with God?
*Toba*: of course, but then I don’t seem to know how to go about it here

*Tobi*: Don’t worry, This will help You
*Toba*: Lemme hear..

It’s here again!

(Unilag Chapter)
_*Friends of Jesus*_

Invites *U* to her *FRESHERS’ NIGHT ’17*
With the
*Theme*: Remember Your Creator
*Text*: *Ecclesiastes 12:1-7*
*Date*: *Wednesday, February 8, 2017*
*Time*: *5:00pm Prompt*

*Toba*: Wow, I can’t afford to miss it.. Remember Your Creator

*Tobi*: Yes oo… Remember!!!!!
*Toba*: I sure will!

*Remember to Remember someone*

*Fresher’s Night ’17*

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